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Resolved! automatic backup issue with kron

Hi all,Every month I have to issue these commands for backup at my network devices#show run#show version# show diagnow I have around more than 200 network device form routers and switches so I go to automatic backup from cisco by using kron commandI ...

LMS 4.0 Unresponse Switches Issue.

Dear Friends,i have lms 4.0 problem is that some time our switch are not consponding with lms ( unresponse event name shows ) ...when i telnet and check switch, switch not ping to lms ip...after i restart, switch communcate properly with lms ...but a...

mkkhan786 by Beginner
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CPI2.1 manual add devices

Hello,Im at a customer who don't want to discover but manual add new devices. Because the idea of credential sets from LMS hasn't been taken over to prime, you need to type a lot for adding devices into prime's GUI. Are there other ideas, how to pres...

Resolved! TCL scripting to locate the log keyword on named ACL entries and remove the line

I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to search named acls for the keyword log at the end and remove it by removing that entry and adding it again in the same position.   Can someone please assist and share any documentation so I can build up...

juan-ruiz by Beginner
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Resolved! Netshow in PI 2.1

Hello, is there any way of doing "Netshow" in Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1?For those that dont know:Netshow was a function in LMS where you could enter a ad-hoc command, ex. "sh ip ospf nei" and run that on multiple devices and then export the outp...

cwallin by Beginner
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Resolved! How to use snmp get from IOS CLI?

I recently found that I can generate snmp get requests from the Cisco IOS CLI. It's not available on all IOS versions I guess, but on the Cat6509 platform with IOS version 12.2(33)SXI11, I have it. The problem is though, that each time I try to gener...