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Cisco Prime 1.3 and email alerts

I want to create some basic alarms on our infrastructure. I want to monitor only specific ports on specific switches. I do not want to monitor client ports, only uplinks to distribution/core and server ports. Is it possible to get alerts only from sp...

Nexus NTP offset wrong

  This is a bit different than the other Nexus NTP issues that came up when searching the Community forums. Here is the scenario:I'm in the Eastern timezone (EST). Time is correct on the Windows DC that we are using as a time server. Config on the Ne...

ashaw216 by Beginner
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SNMP and Temperature

I changed the temp thresholds from their default value of around 54 to 23 degrees below the RED threshold making the YELLOW threshold 42.  Now when I do this:#sh env stSWITCH: 1FAN is OKTEMPERATURE is OKTemperature Value: 47 Degree CelsiusTemperature...

blmccreary by Beginner
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Conditional registration?

HelloI am testing a script where I want a conditional registration line based upon the existance of an environment variable. The script below measures txload on one interface, but is supposed to measure txload on a second interface IF the environment...