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I just noticed a difference in file name when I checked the Prime 2.0 download location on CCO.It seems that all files have had '-2' added in their filename.I had some downloads of Prime 2.0 from last year on my machine and they're named:PI-APL-2.0.0...

bart.t by Beginner
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Hi, I have recently started working on Cisco LMS and have some doubts regarding it , i will be really grateful if someone can clarify my queries.1) In DFM Module what does the duration signify in "High Severity Alerts" ?2) what should be the data col...

aryarahul by Beginner
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Hello communityI am having a strange issue with our LMS. When I try to create a Threshold under Monitoring > Performance > Threshold Settings and i select a Device Group and then I create I get the following error message:  "The threshold object pass...

Hello everyone!One of our end customers is running LMS 3.2, have encountered an issue where almost all his devices became "missing" in his device list. (about 50 devices)As far as we know there werent any changes in the server or the database, we als...