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 Hi everyone.We are a little concerned about many high peaks regarding CPU utilization on a Cisco Nexus 7k (version 6.2(2)). Peaks often reach 100%. Here's the behavior:# show processes cpu history                                                     ...

Soporteco by Level 1
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We would like to graph some counters from a service policy that is applied to an interface. How do i find the correct OID to read with my snmp tooling?  See below red variables.I found that it should be somewhere below the . tre...

joopv by Level 1
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Hello Cisco!I've been playing around with EEMs on and off for a few months now, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit! A recent issue at work got me thinking, and I thought I'd try and solve the problem with a new EEM. It's really quite simple, but I'm hav...

On the interfaces connected to a WAN optimizer should we use ingress, egress, or both?<Attached is a quick diagram I made for demonstration. I don’t understand if egress is needed on the MPLS>

CCRi02909 by Level 1
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Resolved! PI 2.1 questions

Hi,I got some questions regarding PI 2.1Can I search in all devices configuration to see if specifc command exist?When I'm using discovery, my devices got 100% CPU, and under show proccess cpu I see that the SNMP proccess is taking all the cpu. is it...

Hello,We recently installed cisco PI 2.1, with the hope that a full syslog will be available due to the bug: CSCud66666 we didn't saw in the release notes any refern...

Hi,  Is there a way to use event manager to replace tunnel destination ip each time it changes ?1. Resolve the hostname2. Set it as a variable3. Use the variable to replace the IPint tunnel 0   tunnel destination <a> Mostly like a reverse dynamic dns...

To implement this we have created a variable (A_TIME) which should take system time  when Job A triggers  &  tried to increment it by 1 hr so as to create dependency in Job B which will start only when time value in A_TIME = systime .Currently ,we ha...

pisingh01 by Level 1
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