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LMS4.1 endhost question

Dear All                    I have some questions about endhost.                 1.What is the endhost ? Is it mean PC?                  2.How can I know the IP is connected which switch ? E.g. : The PC with IP is connected to Swtich 4507...

syslog.conf settings

I'm seeing tons of syslog in in var/log/messages. when I look at the logs they are mostly duplicate of what I see in the syslog_info file. Due to this my var/log is filling up so fast. Do I need to update my syslog.conf file, what is the recommended ...

nawas by Enthusiast
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Resolved! ERROR: invalid backup file version. Exception: Error while unzipping invalid wcs 7.x export file

Hi, I'm having a serious issue with your brend new Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS) and i would appreciate if someone could give me good answers.After a background backup task failure, the database was entirelly corrupted and the oracle serve...

Resolved! Cisco Prime 1.3 TFTP/FTP servers

Hi, We recently upgraded from WCS to Prime infrastructure and i'm trying to figure out how to browse the configuration backup files that Prime pulls from the controllers. I have enabled the TFTP/FTP servers under server settings and set the Controlle...

jino_jacob by Beginner
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compatibility between gbics

Hello,I have a server with gbic of INTEL (AFBR-703SDZ-IN2).I need to connect this server to 6500 with gbic of Cisco (X2-10GB-SR)I didn't find information about the compatibility of these gbic...When I connect the server to 6500, I haven't link betwee...

oded-levi by Beginner
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Cisco社ネットワーク機器において、NetFlowデータ(UDPパケット)を送信する設定を入れた場合、1つのNetFlowデータパケットが送られてから 次のパケットが送られるまでの最短送信間隔は仕様上、 何秒になりますか。現在の環境は以下の通りとなります。   ・version : 5  ・timeout active : 1  ・timeout inactive : 15(default)  ・sampling rate : 100

aikaw0002 by Beginner
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Prime 4.1 Fault problem

Hello, I have Prime 4.1 on windows with the latest update, it is up and running except for few devices ASR903 routers that are not being recognized in the Fault (DFM). These devices are supported in this release wThe fault is showing that the devices...