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Hi,   i have install PI 1.2 in VM platform , but when i will going for powering up, it is showing error                    "Failed to start the virtual machine.This virtual machine is configured for 64-bit guest operating systems. However, 64-bit ope...

Hello,I have some fairly basic (not to me) question with regards to TCL/EEM event_registers.  As I understand it once you schedule a policy (via IOS CLI), it'll run when the event register happens.  Am I right?I've been reading the following URL and ...

Alex Steer by Beginner
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Hi,Need some advice from some RME gurus here..I have a lot of Cisco devices with inconsistant CLI line "transport input xxx"...Some have "transport input telnet ssh" and some have "transport intput ssh". I want to check as long as they have the words...

choywy by Beginner
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I am trying to write some Asynchronous TCL code to make things more efficent.   This is just a simple example, but in reality it will SSH into a device, run a command, do some math, and write the output to the switch.The whole "after" thing is throwi...

mmoles001 by Beginner
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All,I'm looking at purchasing Cisco Prime. Will that particular software capture all S/N's for all Cisco devices (Switches, Routers, IP Phones)? Lastly, what is the main difference between Cisco Prime LMS and Cisco Prime Infrastructure? Thanks

Resolved! LMS v4.0 Log Files

Attached is the output from Reports> System> Status> Log File.As you can see I have a number of log files showing their size in RED.How do I automate getting these smaller?  I have looked at Log Rotation, but none of the files listed in the attached ...

Evertime I try to copy something to flash my 2611xm will prompt me to erase the entire flash??                  I can ignore that and the file exists in flash, but why does it always prompt?R3#copy run flash:baseline.cfgDestination filename [baseline...