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Hello everyone.I'm trying to practice with cisco 2960.I want to make a little lan network of four Cisco 2960. The first three switches have been configured and are working properly.When I put the fourth switch in lan, all the other cisco 2960 switche...

let us say I have a dhcp server on my switch and I set the lease to 1 day , what happens exactly when the lease expire for the user pc? does the switch contact the pc and tell it to release the ip and then the switch remove the binding? or is it orig...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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I am new to the forum and have been amazed at the level of knowledge here! I need help with a problem I am having at work, I have been tasked with trying to flip large quantities of cisco products that we have coming through our sorting facility and ...

khapunkap by Beginner
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Hello, Cisco C6816-X-LE Version 15.2(2)SY2. Question about NAT pools. I have a NAT pool of 25 public IP addresses to translate a dozen of internal C subnets.I analyzed the output of  the "show ip nat translations" command and I see a strange behaviou...

ddmt by Beginner
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