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Hi,I have a 7602 from which I need to get a list of the IP addresses defined as 1-to-1 NAT static translation targets. Namely, those defined by ip nat inside source static. Probably SNMP could help, but how can I do that?Any suggestion is very welcom...

Hi Friends,I tried to enble AAA on Cisco 3925 router but its not working my configuration for AAA is :aaa new-modelaaa authentication login auth-srv group tacacs+ localaaa accounting exec default start-stop group tacacs+aaa accounting commands 15 def...

Hello Every oneI have Problem Regarding my SNMP agent in cisco 6500 switch , the switch shows down on my cisco LMS server after deep investigation i found thos error messeage on my core switch%SNMP-3-INPUT_QFULL_ERR: Packet dropped due to input queue...

Does anyone know how to create a TCL script on Nexus7000 switch for following scenario ? Need urgent help here.. :-Here is what I am trying to do :-1. Whenever following log on "show log log" prints out :-testnexus7000 %PIXM-2-PIXM_SYSLOG_MESSAGE_TYP...

vilaxmi by Cisco Employee
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I am currently trying to learn the TCL Language for use on IOS.  A simple script I created is below:The script works fine on a 3750 but fails on a 6509.  Any ideas ? ?Thanks!!  KEVproc validate {args} {foreach address $args {    set output [exec "pin...