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Hi All,   I have noticed something interesting . When one creates a username on an ASA for local authentication of VPN users, the user can SSH into the device.   I changed the user service type to remote-access only and changed the privilege to 0 but...

cisco8887 by Level 2
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Hi! I am trying to configure a static policy nat rule with port translation but I can't find any configuration example (only auto-nat examples which as far as I understand are based on source IPs only). HOST1 ------inside------ ASA --------outside--...

sulloas16 by Level 1
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Resolved! IPS fail

hello all, I face a  problem when IPS fail all network behind it be not accessible, so how can I check capability of box to support both  1-hardware bypass. 2-software bypass.

When i Check Logs of My Firewall Policies i can see it by IP  , i want to see it by Username ?   I have External Radius Servers for Authentication    Which is integrated with My Domain  Can you help me with needed on the ASA

TSAL-FW01/act# sh run access-groupaccess-group OUTSIDE1_access_in in interface OUTSIDE1access-group OUTSIDE2_access_in in interface OUTSIDE2access-group INSIDE_access_in in interface INSIDEaccess-group TSAL_WAN1_access_in in interface TSAL_WAN1 TSAL...

Good Morning, not sure if this is the right commnunity....anyway.... We are looking for a possibility to allow our User Helpdesk to modify access-lists on our Cisco ASA based client VPN. I'm wondering if it is possible to add a local user to the ASA ... by Level 1
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