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Hi all , Regarding bug  CSCuh38133 , is it device vulnerabile if ip device tracking is not used on device ? Any documents for that ? #show  ip device tracking allIP  Device Tracking = Disabled----------------------------------------------------------...

startx001 by Beginner
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Hello all, we have a couple of asa5520s that are configure in active/failover mode.A while ago we had an issue with the primary unit so we took it out of production and replaced it. At that time the secondary unit became active.Needless to say in ove...

                   CPU running high on 5520 ASA. Please help identify the process consuming the cpu cycles:USLAS-C5520FW-COR-03/sec/stby# show proc    PC       SP       STATE       Runtime    SBASE     Stack ProcessLwe 0x08058a14 0x6debaff4 0x0a32c5c...

waelkuku1 by Beginner
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Hi,Have anyone configured ECLB in a pair of Nexus 7018 to "load balance" the traffic for several IPS Sensors. am not really sure if it works wi...

dcambron by Beginner
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Hello,I have a customer who wants to use the expansion slot on his 5515. I can't seem to find anywhere about installing an expansion module for rj-45 connectors, can someone please point me in the right direction? Also, I am sure the ASA will need to...

                   I able to access internet but unable to connect to tghe servers behind the ASA. I can ping the router but I cannot ping the outside addresses i assigned to the servers. I want to use rdp to connect to the servers inside from the ou...

On the ASA 5525-X is configured to access FQDN. Everything works well, but there is one feature. Lifetime matching FQDN and ip default 21 min., Obtained 21 minutes after ASA updates the information, but she did it for a minute and all this time block...

I want to map the TCP 999-120 to the publicInternal server is is public network addressWhat should I do?ASA 5512 IOS 8.6I want to map the TCP 999-120 to the publicInternal server is is public network addressWhat ...

qiuxue007 by Beginner
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Hello, I would like to remove an object configured in ASDM by "asdm location inside" command. Sadly, this object "" stays in several NAT rules and access rules in the configuration so I can't remove this object because ...

andymelgui by Beginner
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Hi expertsMy network setup has 2 number for ASA 5520 firewall configured in as Active-Standby setup.(ASA Version 8.2(1) )..One of the firewall is configured as Active and other is Standby..Recently we experienced automatic failover without any boot/f...

sameermunj by Beginner
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