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Hope someone can help with this.                  I have a requirment to allow a vendor access to a lot of devices on a subinter face DMZ which I created just for their devices.However I only have one public address left to allow access from the outs...

HI,I'am not able to figure out the datascheet of the above ASA.I should put on two 10G SFP +Is there any module I have to add in order to manage that, or is alredy covered by the bundle ?Let me Know, is very stratecic for me having knowledge about th...

Hello all,In the last 8 month I have been upgrated at least 6 Cisco ASA 5505 from 8.2(1) to 8.4(3) without problems, I did a minor changes and all related to rules due a problem with the migration.Scenario 1object network LAN-PC1 host

Jose Pena by Beginner
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Could someone please explain why I can't contact 97.x.x.218 trough a remote desktop client from a remote WAN? I can't figure out what is wrong with it...On the LAN the RDS server ( can be reached, that works fine. It seems the ASA firewa...

Hi,I'm trying to get an asa5505 set up so that our web server can send an LDAPS login to a client's server and receive the request back. The default IP our traffic goes out on is different than where I want the connection to come back in on. So, I se...

joe by Beginner
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Hi , I had an issue on testing the failover when only one interface in active unit fails. The configuration guide mention that by default, single interface failure can trigger failover, however,it didn't work during my testing. instead, two interface...

I have an ASA 5505 running 8.4.I am only letting ICMP traffic in from the outside.As a test, I opened a couple of ports I need on the ASA.I cannot access these ports and I do not get a denied error in the log.I contacted the ISP and they are not bloc...

CSM 4.3 came out without much noise or attention. I spent a lot of time with the demo at CiscoLive and IMO this version is a game changer and can compete with anything out there...why so quiet?

Resolved! Easy VPN GRE

Hi folks,My routers at two  different sites are connected through GRE tunnels. I want to configure  IPSec over it, but throug easy vpn server and client setup. Is it  possible???? Apparently the most reasonable configuration for the mentioned  scenar...

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