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The ASA does not allow to ssh user with valid username and password. ASA returns "Access denied" .In the ASA log we have " SSH Reason - Rejected by server " i have tried re-enabling same access rule "ssh interface" but still no result...

i have an ASA 5520 8.4(1) setup as follows      public wan          |          |        ASA-- public dmz          |          |      private lani need to allow https traffic to a server in the DMZ that will have a routable IP addresswill just an ACL s...

Hye to you all,I am working on an ASA5520 with an intergrated IPS Module AIP-SSM-10. I am trying to configure the AIP-SSM-10 to communicate with the ASA5520(Cos ASA5520 is a blocking device) by typing the command: ssh host-key it do...

Bethuelle by Beginner
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Hello Experts!I apologize if I am asking too simple question.I am puzzled with the online nmap remote scan result from our Cisco router. It shows as following:Not shown: 4996 closed portsPORT STATE SERVICE25/tcp filtered smtp1720/tcp filtered H.323/Q...

kmigmar805 by Beginner
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Hi,When I do a signature update on my AIP SSC-5 module what happens to the custom selections I have made. For example we do not use an Linux OS software so we disable these from scanning. Will those selection be renabled to default values on a signat...

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