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I currently use a PIX firewall and need to get a book to learn more about it.I have this book lined up:CCSP Cisco Secure Pix Firewall Advanced Exam Certification Guide

I am interested in the Cisco Pix 515e for my web hosting clients. My goal is to provide this single appliance to connect X amount of servers (Linux and Windows) to use as a shared appliance between these servers. I have several questions I hope you w...

cabizeid1 by Beginner
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I have a Cisco Pix 515E with one outside interface configure with a subnet My ISP gave me another pool of 6 Public IP address, but different network class (new one is Is it possible to have one outside interface contr...

Hello,I have a pix that has a route to a network on my inside interface, but there is one host within that network range that is on an outside interface. How can I have a route to a network on my inside interface and still be able to connect to the h...

lxcollin1 by Beginner
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Dear friends,I would like to know exactly what ASA can do for me in these areas: antispam, antispyware and antivirus. What is already available and what is only roadmap?How does it work url filtering without need of separate server? Does it really...

Hi,is there a OID that can show me the mac-address of the attached device to the port on cat4506 or 2950 (IOS)?i think that ciscoworks do itthanks

amisu by Beginner
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Allnone 525312 500500 24812 96% /usr/cids/idsRoot/var/eventStorenone 525312 40 525272 97% /usr/cids/idsRoot/var/iplogsGiven above is the size of iplogs & IdsEventStore I deleted the logs that ...

Hi,I'm trying to establish a tunnel from a PIX to a VPN Concentrator, but the tunnel does not come up. The PIX tries to establish, but somehow, it can't.On the VPN Concentrator, I have the attached notifications in the event log.Could you provide me ...

sbrozius by Beginner
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I upgraded the PIX code and since the VPN connection starting problem.PIX1=6.3(1) --> upgrade to 6.3(5)PIX2=6.3(3) --> stay. not upgrade.I have three networks in the ACL but only one is working but the other two have a pattern that drop the connectio...

cjrchoi11 by Beginner
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Hi,I have a PIX version 6.3(1). I have noticed that some users are using LogMeIn remote desktop services without the knowledge of the administrator. I tried to block the port and noticed that it uses Internet ports HTTP. All users are permitted to ac...

kev_jacob by Beginner
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