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In this configuration guide it is explained how smart licensing is enabled and how a smart licensing token is registered in IOS XR (ASR9k): https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/routers/asr9000/software/asr9k-r6-6/system-management/configuration/guid...

bfinnema by Cisco Employee
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Hello guys,   I am performing a few tests regarding NSO maintenance automation and the behaviour of NSO is not what I was expecting. During the pipeline, I stop the NSO daemon (ncs --stop) and restart it with (ncs --with-package-reload-force). I crea...

rengonca by Cisco Employee
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Is there a way to load a device directly into NSO via REST API?For example, a device can be loaded via configuration CLI, such as following example, however is there a way to do so via REST API?devices {    device TEXAS {        address;   ...

allenvose by Level 1
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My company is beginning to develop a new edge device solution for our business units based on the ENCS platform.   Alot of these devices will be at remote or customer sites where we won't have easy access to the management interface locally.   You ca...

Tim_J_RC by Level 1
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Hi Folks!   I have a question on commit-queue in LSA. To enable commit-queue, we do global-settings setting on both CFS and RFS (something like devices global-settings commit-queue enabled-by-default true async atomic false). However, if I want to us...

neetimit by Cisco Employee
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Hi! I’m trying to access in python to the elements of a yang list. The yang model is:      list Prenotazione {        key "TempoAtt";        unique "TempoDis";          leaf TempoAtt {          type string        }        …And the code I’m trying to ...

Fantolino by Level 1
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Getting "No usersessions if no startphase2" when calling the following code block : econfd_maapi:start_user_session(M, <<"admin">>,                       <<"maapi">>, [<<"admin">>], {127,0,0,1}, 1).   when NCS has been restarted.

davidph2 by Cisco Employee
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