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Engage with peer and Cisco experts about pluggable optics (Optics) and optical transport networks (Optical Networking).
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ASR-920-24SZ-IM interface went down after upgrade 3.18.04 to 3.18.06We do not see any error codes in the logs.We believe something is wrong in the code in the ASR-920-24SZ-IM  otthe SFPs? We tried changing 10 gigs SFP and have them not plugged in dur...

I was wondering which "transceiver type" is the correct one for a SFP that will be going into a Cisco 9k. Doing a "show version" this is our switch model.cisco Nexus9000 C93180YC-FX Chassis I tried this SFP in the link below but it did not work. When...

UT_games by Beginner
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I got this number below the series of each GLC-SX-MM SFP's i had which is;GLC-SX-MM / 30-1301-01GLC-SX-MM / 30-1301-02GLC-SX-MM / 30-1301-03GLC-SX-MM / 30-1301-04 What the difference behind these numbers? anyone could help me? thanks

JoshuaEvan by Beginner
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I would appreciate it if sombody could send me a good TL1 command reference link for Cisco 15454's running 2.3.3. I have looked around on Cisco's site and can't seem to find any good references. Thanks for you help!

eknell by Beginner
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hello forum Guys,  Please let me know if there is a way to connect adapter to convert RJ45 to SFP. Means that I will plug adapter to RJ45 port(switch or router) and I will be able to connect SFP cable on the other end.