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Engage with peer and Cisco experts about pluggable optics (Optics) and optical transport networks (Optical Networking).
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Hey everyone,I have an odd situation here, 2 switches (3750X and 2960) connected with single mode fiber and using a GLC-LH-SMD SFP in each switch. When I check the DOM with 'show int gi0/1 trans det' (using the appropriate interface identifier for ea...

I'm trying to connect 2 Catalyst 2960S over multimode 62,5my fiber cable.I use LC-FE-100LX spf's but theone end is always operating in half duplex mode. My final goal is an etherchannel running 2x100mbit in full duplex mode.I have an etherchannel con...

praun by Level 1
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we just had a new circuit install at a remote data center and from what I can tell there is a big difference between what the provider is transmitting vs what I'm receiving Provider Edge               Laser output power                        :  -2.1...

Hi ,I have a strange problem which i failed to resolve today.I have cisco 3560 G with 1000base LX SFP and connected via a MM fibre  extended approximately to a distance of 400 m and at the other end is 7606 router both are ok.Now when due to some rea...

Hi,I would like to know if i can replace traditional ring infrastructutre (IE3000 switch with fiber connection in ring topology) with cisco PON solution.My scenario is a MAN where broadcast traffic (comming from devices to ie3000 access switches) mus...

mhawas by Level 1
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