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Connecting N93180-YC-EX with WS-C4506-E. Kindly explain the suggested way

Hi, I have a requirement to deploy N93180-YC-EX as extended switch from my existing WS-C4506-E switch. Attached image to brief the scenario Kindly suggest best way to extend. N9k will have vPC configuration , not really sure about Catalyst side when ...

CSCvs88378 - Port-profile configurations are not supported with DCNM Lan Fabric Management.

Hey Folks, is there anybody using port-profiles in Cisco Nexus switches? Or how do you manage ports like ESXi server ports with the same vlans on your Nexus Switches? I use it and managed it by DCNM Lan Classic. Now, I updated DCNM to 11.5 and LAN Fa...

FCoE vfc - Nexus

Hi all, i'm trying to follow this guide to deploy FCoE on our network FCoE Configuration Between VIC Adapter on UCS Rack Server and Nexus 5500 Switch - Cisco I am ok up until the vfc interfaces on N5k-A and N5k-B in our case we have only one single S...

DCNM Config Queries

Hello I have 2 x queries with regards to DCNM The first is that I had to make local device MTU settings on multi-site interfaces due to issues being caused with vxlan traffic. I now need to get DCNM to synch the correct configuration from the device....

Baz1 by Beginner
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L3 over back to back vPC

Hi All,   I need some advise on a particular design that I am looking at   I have a customer that has a 4 x Nexus 9k switches, 2 in each DC, with a back-to-back vPC as the DCI to carry a number of stretched VLANs.   The customer now needs to establis...

de1denta by Participant
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