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I am working on a DC solution between two DC, each site will be using the following devices.1. 2 x Cisco Nexus 7009 (DC Core Switch)2. 2 x Cisco Catalyst 6509 (Campus Core Switch)3. 2 x Cisco ASR 1002 Router4. 2 x Cisco MDS 9250i SAN Switch5. IBM HX5...

Hi,Any expert had detailed info about N7K-M108X2-12L (M1) vs N7K-F248XP-25 (F2)?Only some info from release notehttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/6_x/nx-os/release/notes/60_nx-os_release_note.htmlIntegrating F2-Series Modules Int...

ctychan by Beginner
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Resolved! New DC design

we are medium size service provider with limited budget and rack space for new upgrade project. objective is to design new datacenter design with Core - Distribution and Access in parallel to existing and gradually migrate networks over.for Core we h...

eyep by Beginner
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HI,     We have two Data Center Zones which are connected from two pairs of nexus 7018 (See Diagram).Both N7K Pairs have Cris-Cross Connectivity by Long Haul SFPs. All these Links in both N7K Pairs are in a single Port-Channel with same vPC.Now, we a...

Hi guys,i woulld to perform IOS upgrade on ASR1002RP1 to ver adventerprisek9.03.09.02.S.153-2.S2. I will also upgrade on rommon but just like to confirm if anyone can help on:1. do i need to perform by babystep upgrade (current version is adventerpri...

wanwa01 by Beginner
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When readinghttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/datacenter/nexus5000/sw/mkt_ops_guides/513_n1_1/n5k_enhanced_vpc.htmlFigure 6-1I have a few questions about "Figure 6-1     Enhanced vPC Topology" when upgrading the N5K with the DH FEX Configurati...

csco by Beginner
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Hi All,I understand FCoE. With Multi-hop FCoE, FC-MAP is used to create FPMA address for the CNA, so that CNA can use this address as source to encapsulate all FCOE frames, with FCF-MAC as destination address. I get this part.But, how FC-MAP must be ...

muthumohan by Beginner
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Hello,i am having a Decision to take, and i need your help here, in fornt of my two Nice and Fancy proposal for my new network infrastructure one is provided form HP and other is from Cisco.i need to justify with strong argument why to go with Cisco ...