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DHCP Issues

I have a network established starting from an ASA 5512 connected to an SG300-10 switch and two interfaces established on the switch that are connected to a VM Server. I enabled DHCP on the ASA but I am unable to get an assigned IP for the VM Server t...

Best managed 8 to 12 ports switch + fiber optic channel

Hello  I am looking for a network switch for our small Church. preferably switch that I need is kind of 8 to 12 ports managed also supports at least 2 or more fibre optic ports. Any recommendation would helpful please.Also I want to connect NAS and C...

Data Center Network Design options LAYER 2 CORE vs LAYER 3 CORE

Dears,I am designing the Datacenter Network using below details;1: Nexus 7K as Core2: Nexus 5K, N2K for Data Center Servers3: 6513 as Core for Users Layer4: Multiple layers of Firewalls + IPS (Internet, WAN, Data Center)5: Data Center Firewall is Fir...