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We have a single Internet feed (Receiving full BGP table) in a remote location servicing DSL clients.This remote location is connected to our core network via a private link (Used for pushing a nightly netflow data file back to our netflow processing...

mbellears by Beginner
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I notice my 2950's and 2940's have an ARP table where I can enter in static ARP entries. If I enter all the ARP entries for my servers and networking devices, will this reduce some of the broadcast ARP traffic on my network?

cscott by Beginner
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I am planning on configuring Port Monitoring on a 2950 and want to know if there are any problems in leaving port monitoring on for an extended period of time. I have read http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps700/products_tech_note09186...