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12000 -> 3750me

Hello,I have problems getting a 12000(GSR),GE-GBIC-SC-B, and a 3750 metro connected.The GSR is running 12.0(32S) and the3750 12.2(25)SEE. I have tried just abouteverything (no negotiation auto) and thelink just don´t want to come up (yes, thephys lin...

pucko by Beginner
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VPN Router Log

I have configured easy vpn in 1751 router,it works fine. is there any option where i can see at time a user is connected on what IP & the time he has connected IN & OUT & also if there is anything else also please lemme know.so far i have tested with...

Resolved! Connecting to a catalyst3560 using Cisco Network Assistant

Hi! I'm trying to connect to a Catalyst 3560 series switch, which has VLANs configured on all it's ports. The switch itself is configured for I've configured a laptop (with CNA 4.0) to and connected it to one of the port...

Resolved! ACLs on Sub-Interfaces

Question on IP ACL...If you configure an IP ACL for a subinterface on a router-on-a-stick, will it affect the entire physical interface or will it only affect the sub-interface, for which the ACL has been applied to? Just a thought that's been buggi...

ignored error

Hi,We're experiencing packet loss on our Cisco 7500 on its fastethernet.I see many packets are ignored on its interface ,pls see below :30 second input rate 24196000 bits/sec, 13028 packets/sec30 second output rate 16765000 bits/sec, 12792 packets/se...

mehrdad by Participant
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