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Hello! we installed your system VSOM 7.5.1.After installation is complete, we can go to the management console on site management  can not go, the fields for login and ...

Hello!LDAP server settings are as follows: Name: SFC.LOCALHost Name: 389Member of: %USERID%@sfc.localDatabase search for users: OU=Accounts,DC=sfc,DC=localUser ID attribute: sAMAccountName How to create a filter selecting users f...

HiI am having two cisco camera ,one is CIVS-IPC-3530 and CIVS-IPC-6030,I have given them ip static ip address and the page is accessed .The problem is i cannot view live video from internet explorer 11.Though it is working in mozilla using quick time...

Hi,  I need help with Vsom server,  my vsom was ok and perfect, I just restarted , and now i am having problem with login screen, domain name portion is on searching, and dont let me log in,  i am using vsom 7.2.1,  attached is the screenshot of the ...

Hi ,we have Cisco IP Camera 2521 ,and we are using internet explorer 11 on windows 7 & windows 8 .we can't view the camera through web interface .Is there any work-around to solve this issue ?

Yhya Akef by Level 1
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Hi everyone.We have VSOM 7.2 installed. When we try to add camera following error occures:Operation failed: Media server reported the error Failed to create MediaServer capture driver for archName faa101a1-318c-4432-8ea2-16447f3803f3_vs1_r periphId 1...

shodan524 by Level 1
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