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I have a hub and spoke WAN with all sites using a dual router MPLS/Inet DMVPN model with 4331 routers. Each remote site has a local internet connection and guest network with inet access through both wired and wireless. The routers provide local LAN ...

Current DMVPN design.PNG Current design.PNG proposed Guest.PNG
Dan Pride by Level 1
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Hi guys,   I was wandering what is your "in production method" for software upgrade on 4300 series. From the documentation I found out about two methods:   - consolidated package aka old school IOS router upgrade path where you just copy bin file and...

Resolved! Routing issues

Hi all.     I'm trying to establish a GRE tunnel between two sites.   I'm using a cisco 2800 on each end.   Each cisco router is behind a home broadband modem.   I've managed to get the tunnels up.  Each router can ping each other.   and some devices...

Hello to all   I am trying to configure the router that is behind the CISCO VPN in order to make it work ...but it seems that i make some mistakes. Can you please tell me which ports is quickcoonect is using so i need to portforward..?

Logicsoft by Level 1
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Hii,   We are facing some issue with our ISP. we have 150 mpbs ISP link, there download speed is there, but we have 0% upload speed. Unable to find the reason for this. We are using cisco ISR4451-X/K9 router.   The configuration of router interface i...

HI all,   As per the diagram the primary path for Branch to access internet is via DC (left) and backup path is via HO (Right). However users in HO (connected via HO-WAN-RTR) should use internet via HO only. DC-WAN-RTR at DC advertises default route ...

xshant by Level 1
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Is there a way to copy a file into bootflash that already exists without asking to overwrite it?   HOSTNAME# copy ftp://anonymous:anonymous@IP/FILENAME.TXT bootflash:FILENAME.TXT vrf VRFNAME Warning: There is already a file existing with this name. D...

Hello Experts! I'm having a lot of trouble to finish a router config. The problem is with static nat/pat. The scenario has three different ISP's. Two of them are always load balancing the general internet access (NAT overload), and the third is dedic...

luchonat1 by Level 1
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Ok, here's my scenario: I have a router with various local VLAN's and a nat statement to a host:port allowing it to be reachable from the outside (for example port 80).   Assuming: w.x.y.z is a host in vlan 10 a.b.c.d is a host in vlan 11 A.B.C.D is ...

luchonat1 by Level 1
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Hi can someone provide me with a link to download the Compliance module for ISE to upload manually ?    I’m trying to do this automatically but ISE is failing even though ISE internet access.

NETAD by Level 4
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