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hello    router MAIN router eigrp 900  network no auto-summary   router DR router eigrp 900  network no auto-summary   router BRANCH-1 router eigrp 900  network  network  network 4...

My RV340W (latest firmware) is configured in multi-wan mode. One of the ISP's modem is an Arris DG1670. When this modem is plugged into the RV340, it experiences intermittent connectivity loss. A sample log reading of such a loss is as follows: 2018-...

lolux by Level 1
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Hi guys.    SP--eBGP---routerA--iBGP---L3switch----ospf----routerB----l3mpls---SP2 SP -service provider. In this diagram can i advertise public ip of my routerA  to routerB via internal LAN ? Is there are any hidden difficulties at this case? 

Two firewalls in active-passive state is connected to two Nexus via OSPF in a full mesh design. Upon testing the failover of the FWs, not all OSPF neighbors is in FULL state, making the user behind the Nexus  unable connect to web. I've read here (ht...


Trying to get some ipsec VPN tunnels up.  License shows as ipbasek9.  Does anyone have the correct part number for this router to get the correct license on there to enable vpns?  Thanks!!

tlienskt by Level 1
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Hi FriendsI am facing this problem for quite a while now. The current IOS image is: c3750-advipservicesk9-mz.122-25.SEE3.binThe CPu util. rises to 80-90% all of a sudden then reduces unexpectedly. The interrupt utilization is always 70-80%. The proce...

vineetsha by Level 1
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Hi All,   The traffic flow are from A to B , B to A , A to C and C to A, Please refer attached file for more detail.   Questions With 2 EIGRP 10 & EIGRP 11 for below diagram is that any network issue found for the flow?During the failover from primar...

fri by Level 1
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Resolved! OSPF NSSA

Hi All,   I have the following topology:     This is the routing table of R5:   Gateway of last resort is not set is variably subnetted, 5 subnets, 2 masks O [110/2] via, 01:21:59, FastEthernet0/1 C ...

Human374 by Level 1
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Hi All,   I have a few questions around the as-override feature in BGP.   example   Router a ( AS1 ) Router b ( AS2 ) router c ( AS3 ) router d ( Transit Provider )   Let's say router c is the edge router and we place as-override on router C towards ...

jay_7301 by Level 1
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Hello all!    I am hoping to get some help, We are using a ASA 5505 with Firepower.  Our company just switched to a new internet service, and the ISP has promised 100mb/s. without the ASA we are getting close to 93d/93u.  When I plug the ASA in I get...

samhung by Level 1
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