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Resolved! ip rip advertise

In the configuration of serial interface, there is "ip rip advertise 5". I think this is the default command. I want to know what exactly means. I assume this is related on rip information advertise period. I couldn't find the infomation related this...

wingu by Beginner
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DLCI Issues

Hello I'm a student currently having a course on data communication and such, and we're currently building a network in GNS3 that contains Frame Relay routing among other things as practice I'm having problems with DLCI however and i can't understan...

IGMP Report issue destination is

Hi Expert,  I have a Cisco Router and i want to enable IPTV multicast stream from interface VLAN 100. The aim is to replace my ISP box by a cisco router,  I have identified an issue  With Wireshark I have a trace with the ISP Box and we can see IGMP ...

Connecting two branches with CME

Hi, We have CME version 10.5 in our Main branch with 100 SIP lines from service provider.We are opening a remote branch at a different location where we want to use the existing SIP lines from main branch to make outgoing calls and we also want 4-di...

6500 VSS - EoMPLS

We are testing a EoMPLS VC type 5 / Ethernet vc in our lab on VSS setup and not able to pass traffic.  The VSS is Sup2T (15 + code) and we have a single AC connected to switch 2 of the VSS.. with switch 1 currently having the active sup in the system...

Resolved! QoS and routers

Hi, I have a client that have VOIP on several sites over a MPLS network. In their branch offices, they have cisco 2911/2951 with some QoS configuration. They talk to phone servers over the MPLS to a data center that have ASR 1000 routers at edge. P...

Vinny by Beginner
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NetFlow v5 and 'ip flow egress'

The Internet is full of articles advising that NetFlow v5 does not support 'ip flow egress' but I think this must be incorrect or outdated? I have configured a Cisco 7200 with only 'ip flow egress' enabled (on WAN) with NetFlow version 5 and the flow...

Resolved! OSPF Intra Area Route Filtering

We have an odd situation at work where we would like to restrict an ospf neighbor in one area to only to be able to advertise a certain route. It's for an anycast scenario where an ospf process on a linux machine (not owned by the network team) needs...

Don Maker by Beginner
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Late collision on cisco router

Hi, In my cisco 1841 router the below logs came contionously. Can u anyone tell me the solution.LOG:*Aug 16 10:08:23.800 India: %GT96K_FE-5-LATECOLL: Late Collision on int  FastEthernet0/1*Aug 16 10:08:24.048 India: %GT96K_FE-5-LATECOLL: Late Collisi...

kumarpmt83 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 1941 SecurityK9 License

Hello, I have a Cisco 1941 with the SecurityK9 license applied however I cannot run the 'interface Virtual-PPP' and 'pseudowire-class' commands which I have seen within other examples on Cisco VPN config. Should my router have these commands? As you...

Resolved! Leaking Routes between VRFs

Hi All, If I have VRF1 running OSPF and VRF2 running EIRGP, can I leak routes between each VRF or are they required to have the same routing protocol running? Separately - When leaking between VRFs, does this affect the AD of routes or is this kept ...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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