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We are building an enterprise network with MPLS VPN (service provider MPLS).  We originally planed to use OSPF on internal routers and BGP on CE routers. Someone said why don't you use BGP all around?  So you run only one routing protocol instead of...

I learned that 'traceroute' command is pretty useful for troubleshooting. The problem is that some devices ignore ICMP request and I get requested timed out message instead of time exceeded message.    [traceroute result]  1 ...

How does UDP manage to preserve message boundaries? I am guessing that UDP can preserve messages boundaries because UDP doesn't care about the RWND/CWND or congestion when it transmits the data, Right?    Lastly, my understanding is that: TCP data ge...

Need a second set of eyes on this one please. Very simple network setup. Comcast Gateway with a connection to the WS-C3560G-24PS on interface GigabitEthernet0/1. There are two Cisco ESW-540-8P switches hanging off the WS-C3560G-24PS.  This has worked...

RobsterSF by Beginner
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I have 23 locations in EU. It is a hub and spoke model. All the spoke traffic to outside will transverse to UK and goes out from UK.   Is there ANY method to contain the user's original location? Let's say user from France will go out to the internet...

Hello Experts, I am totally new to MPLS..... We have 3 location in Asia region(Only 2 in diagramm as a sample) and all location are working with DMVPN means One site as HUB and rest as spokes. Now we want to implenet MPLS from each location to HQ.   ...

ittechk4u1 by Enthusiast
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Hi,   Anyone can help me that how to avoid configuring the null route-policy in ASR 9001.   Note: i don't want to configure the null policy so is their anyway to force the router to don't accept the null policy?   Null policy RPL: =============   rou...

jigojar by Beginner
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Hello experts, I am struggling to wrap my head around how I need to configure my external switch or if I even need it anymore. The switch needs to be replaced and I was hoping to just cut it out altogether. It basically performs one more step of rout...