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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Ok, I have another question.  I don't know if my interpretation of the documentation is incorrect or this doesn't work as advertised.  My interpretation is that default-originate will send out a Type 5 LSA IF it has a default route installed in the ...

mwilson by Level 1
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In topology of 4 router R1 is OSPF R2 redistribution R3 RIP and R4 redistribution. In this topology R2 and R4 comes in between R1 and R4. In this we redistributed ospf and rip routes for . My question is why do we use distribution(access list) to pre...

Hi, I have two of this switches Cisco SG500X-24P vs Dell Networking N3048P and connections to stack them, I am trying to take a decision of  which ones I should use as the main/principal switch. I am reading the specs of both and I find difficult to ...

All,  I have a customer who wants to implement DMVPN over their Metro-E that connects their five remote locations so traffic is encrypted traversing the provider network. This is a first for me. Is this a common implementation? Any caveats or gotcha...

Hi I'm trying to use both Dynamic and Static NAT. Dynamic for most traffic and static just for a few servers we need to get access to from the Internet. The problem is that the Static NAT is only working from Internet to the Inside IP but not from In...

Hi All, I've run into an issue and need to engage some outside help on it. A L2TPv3 tunnel that has been established for a number of years, suddenly dropped, well, I should say, the tunnel is up, but the traffic is not passing. It appears from our t...

Hello, I need to find a way to limit access based on IP address what I mean by this is if for example if one is connected to a schools network and as such has access to all the things that the school may offer simply by being connected to it. On the ...

Ed Lo by Level 1
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Resolved! Bgp Update source

Hello Folk, I have connected two router point to point and using BGP to check the update source behavior. R1--------------R2 R1:Lo1 R2Lo1 Configuration R1: router bgp 10neighbor remote-...

Resolved! Voice QoS on Cisco

Hi, I have a Cisco 1921, with 2 x Gig Eth ports (config elements below) I'm seeing some call quality issues to our VOIP provider and one of the requirements is to implement Voice QoS on the router. I think I have it setup below, but it may not be co...

I've been thinking about ospf design which led me to the following question.   Should area 0 be extended out? or should other areas be brought in?   Say you have 10 sites.  Each with an ospf area.   P2p connection to each site.   Should that interf...

mwilson by Level 1
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Hi, I'm planning to change the Internet circuit router soon. This is going to be the first time to do this all by myself :) I will very appreciate if you can tell me the steps to change the router. I don't think it is enough just to copy old con...

ohforce55 by Level 1
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