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Cisco ASR1001 GBIC model ?

Hello, I have a router Cisco ASR1001 with 4 GigabitEthernet SPF port. Which is compatible ? I see "CISCO GLC-SX-MMD" ( but is expensive :) There are cheaper models? Thanks Best Regards, Fabien

fabienfs by Beginner
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Unable to translate Internal IP to External IP

Hi everyone Im new in Cisco environment and currently im trying to allow my server to public ip. Our server are connecting to C4506-E > ASA 5455 > Peplink Balance 580 For peplink, all the configuration are correct as NAT mapping are straightforwar...

rleave001 by Beginner
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Resolved! downlimit limit - QoS

Hi, I am looking after a network that has a 10 Mb connection. Whenever an user downloads / laptop does automatic updates, the network becomes unusable. most of the traffic is downloads like microsoft updates or office 365 etc Will QoS work ? but lo...

Using IP Prefix lists for dividing IPv4 space

Hi, I need to divide the Class A, B and C IPv4 addresses into three different segments. Can I achieve this using the prefix-lists in the following manner? ip prefix-list INTERNET_ROUTES permit ge 8 le 8 - Matches any route with subnet mask...

mpls bgp

Hi Friend, Need your hellp here. I am running mpls in Provider network. R1 and R4 are PE. i have configured mpls correctly. one R1 i am using RIP with custmer nad on R4 i m using EIGGRP. I am getting both CE's route to each other but  cannot ping f...

kamtarias by Beginner
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