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C887VA-W WAN dhcp problem

Dear Experts, Logs of my 887 get filled with dhcp restart messages every two hours: May 16 15:08:34: %DHCP-5-RESTART: Interface ATM0.1 is being restarted by DHCP.May 16 15:08:44: %DHCP-6-ADDRESS_ASSIGN: Interface ATM0.1 assigned DHCP address

vesa19772 by Beginner
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DC Output Voltage status: Warning - failure

Hi All,    We're getting this error message when we run a 'show environment' command on our 3845 router:SYS PS1 is present.        Fan status: Normal        Input Voltage status: Normal        DC Output Voltage status: Warning - failure        Type: ...

milkboy33 by Beginner
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Cisco IOS NEC Intergration CAS Configu question

I am trying to connect a NEC DX system to a Cisco IOS router.  The NEC system T1 line is configure with a type of 24 channel CAS.  The config which is specifies is " Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Wink Start (DTMF and Dial Pulse) "What would that be in ...

Cisco 871W Switch

I recently got a Cisco Switch 871W - I finally got it configured to my imac, but when I go into it to reset the admin password within the GUI it doesn't reset, and when I go into the terminal - I am not seeing it as it boots up. Does anyone have any ...

dvinem671 by Beginner
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Resolved! Which is better for 10G WAN, ASR or Nexus?

First off, my creds: I've been working with Cisco for almost 20 years, so I'm very familiar with routing and switching.  But my long experience seems to be working against me in my current environment with regards to large WAN circuits being installe...

CRITICAL Process of PPPoE Step by Step

Dear Cisco community  I have experience before with PPPoE on Mikrotik RouterOS equipment, where the process that Mikrotik have for the PPPoE connection is the following: PROCESS WHERE Radius Assigned a IP and rate-limit 1. PPPoE client request by (...

MPLS Throughput Issue

Hi All, I have a strange issue with one of my customer where they are reporting off slow transfer rates between sites. Site 1 ---> Site 2 - File access is slower compared to other-way around QOS being setup to prioritize the traffic and not helping...

Resolved! ISR 3945e Memory Issues

We have a Cisco ISR 3945E that came with 1GB (512MBx2) We need to bump up to 2GB so we purchased through our channel a 2GB module part# MEM-3900-2GB=. What we noticed is that the memory needs to be installed in pairs. the 2x 512MB work fine, but when...

Resolved! On which OSI layer PPP functions ?

Hi Guys, I didn't find all the answers I needed for this question on the forum history... Let's put it that way:  -PPP is clearly referred to as Layer 2 WAN Protocol... Yet, we can see that it uses NCP (Network Control Protocol) to negotiate IPCP a...

Hisham1984 by Beginner
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GRE NAT configuration not working

I have a router with the following configuration and i am not seeing any NAT Translation can you please let me know where is the mistake. The inside interface is Gigabit Ethernet 2.  I am natting to interface Tunnel0 ip ad...

Resolved! type-3 LSA injection with ospf virtual-link

Hi,all Recently,I've ran into a problem about ospf virtual-link while doing the lab of ospf.The situation is simply like below: when the virtaul-link between R2-R4 is done I've found neither R2 nor R3 which both as the  ABR for area0 and area1 woul...