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two public IP for ISP router

I find in my ISP router, there are two public IP defined for VLAN1 and IP defined under G1/3, why we have two public ip, can we have only one public ip? now I need to setup my checkpoint,for external ethnet, I should use 116...

Catalyst 3560X-48T-L 12.2.x-SE vs 15.0.x-SE

Hello, I have a 3560X-48T-L with image 12.2(55)SE5. I have look on cisco downloads and see that 12.2(55)SE5 is from 16-FEB-2012 and 12.2(58)SE2 is from 27-JUL-2011 so I'm thinking in upgrade to the cisco suggested release 15.0(2)SE9. 1) what should ...

d-costa by Beginner
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Resolved! Policy routing traffic sourced at router

Is there a way to policy route traffic sourced at the router?I have a router that has a second connection to the Internet and is acting as a SIP gateway (CME) and I'd like to force VoIP traffic sourced at the router out the second connection.Data wil...

m-ketchum by Beginner
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OTV Vlan limit on ASR1001

Can anyone provide me some information on the VLAN limit of running OTV over the ASR1001I can find information on the N7K which is 256 and 1500 with later software versions. Just scouring the configuration guides now. Thanks 

Load balancing

Attach snap: I have two server having LAN & WAN IPs mentioned in attach diagram, One of the remote user access according to scenario access server through static IP mentioned in each server, I want dual ISP in case of any one is failure shift auto f...

Using Router 2 only for Vlan X traffic

Hi there I am having a routing issue for my VLAN X traffic. Apparently, Vlan X goes out from office via Router 1 and comes back over Router 2. VLAN X traffic should use router 2 unless there was an outage. How can I configure that?

apbahar by Beginner
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Cisco 7010 with direct connect 4506's

Question: This 7010 (ver 5.2.5) has 9 4506's directly connected on one blade and is configured to (speed 1000) on the ports and (speed 1000) on the 4506. All the 1GB ports are giving high packet discard counts and the mod is in "fail" status.   1. I...