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Resolved! TCP handshake and ACLs

Good day,To start off, I am new to Cisco and networking and am currently taking a course.  I configured an ACL, per our assignment, to accomplish what the task was, and it worked but was not the standard ACL configuration command that the instructor ...

rate-limit command on sub interface

Hi,I have following configuration on the g0/1desc Customer # 1. Need to rate limit to 100Mbps bandwidth of internet connectioninterface GigabitEthernet0/1.10encapsulation dot1Q 10ip addr y.y.a.a GigabitEthernet0/1....

Question to Cisco 877 ddns and access-list

HelloAccording this link I configured ddns on my Cisco 877W router but it didn´t work debug ip ddns I get the following inform...


Hi all, What are the best catalysts to buy for the ccnp switching preparation??am thinking about1 catalyst 29502 catalyst 3750thanks for your replies

Cisco ASA 5512-x Directing Traffic

Hi All,I have been trying to do something with an ASA which has me stumped! We have a client who has two lines coming in, I shall refer to them as FTTC1 and FTTC2 to keep it simple. Both of these lines come into the ASA and FTTC1 is interface Outside...

sdawson14 by Beginner
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2900 Gateway with ASA 5508

Hi Experts,------in our project we have this senario  :  ISP--------GW ------- ASA ------ Core I did all configuration and still cant ping from GW to the core, before that I tried to connect my Internet ISP line to ASA it works fine and I have intern...

Connect router CGR2010 to ADSL for tunnel GRE

Hi,I hope you can help me because.....please.I have to configure the next in my job: I have a remote site and a central site, both with a router CGR2010. I want to create a tunnel GRE between both. I will have (not yet) ADSL in the central router sid...

RV320 BGP Setup

I had brought a RV320 Router but our ISP said that our Internet connection is using BGP and provided the BGP settings such as AS-number and Network Number etc, but it seems that the RV320's web interface cannot configure for BGP. Any comment? PS - th...

BGP Prepending

Hi -  I have LAN connected to ISP MPLS CE router (AS 65002) and LAN subnets are advertised via BGP from this CE into ISP MPLS network. Remote end(1) – ISP MPLS CE1 (AS 65000) is connected to my (VPN) router1 (AS 65064), BGP is configured and my (VPN)...

jucpci001 by Beginner
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