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Hi there, I'm currently setting up a network for a small local business with the topology seen below. The IT manager of the company specifically asked me to create default routes to be directed to Loopback 1 on ipv4 and ipv6. I can't seem to get it t...

NorthNW by Level 1
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The default access rules on this box allow incoming IP from "any" to "any less-secure network". plus a global (outgoing?) "any to any", with no rule for the WAN connection. That's enough to let all my devices reach the outside world, and for more-sec...

Loxmyth by Level 1
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                As per the diagram, I have two vlans (1 and 30). The server in vlan 30 is able to ping all the ip addresses in the diagram but the pc in vlan 1 is unable to ping What could be the reason it's unable to do so? I assume th...

network diagram.jpg

Hello,If we configure the EIGRP to load balance across 2 line with different speed let say link-1 is 20Mbps and Link-2 is 50Mbps, how actually EIGRP will do the load balance? Will EIGRP send to Link-2 more traffic than Link-1 since Link-2 have higher...

hs08 by Spotlight
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HelloI am trying to set-up the following site-to-site configuration.ENC are security devices that we must use.  There is 1 x encrypted tunnel between ENC01-ENC02 and another between ENC03-ENC04.  Between the two sites is an MPLS network.  The 2 x tun...

dasadmin by Level 1
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Hi, We recently added another internet port to our network, I would like to pass through this port only a specific vlan The vlan is which will go through At the moment the routing of all our networks is through the FW. And I ...

shlomoi by Level 1
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Hello,I am trying to practice for the CCNA but I got issue with the cisco 1841 router config, So the issue is I connected I have f0/0 and f0/1 as dhcp but I see only f0/0 show assigned to ip address and up but f0/1 connected to my laptop but still sh...

how do i add both inside(g1/3) and inside1(g1/4) links to nat to outside ? it seems like it's auto changing the nat statement for me . when i key in nat (inside, outside) dynamic interface, it'll auto change to nat(inside2, outside) dynamic interface...

tyr668_0-1691751060312.png tyr668_1-1691751070182.png
tyr668 by Level 1
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