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I would like to be sure that our internet facing routers, and their interfaces, are as secure as possible. Searching the web has not yielded as much information as I had hoped. Please respond with your suggestions and tips. Thank you in advance. 

hi all, and easy one for sure. When i run the show interfaces G0/1 command on a switch , why does the output show me the same MAC address twice?  address is 00d0.58c0.4519 (bia 00d0.58c0.4519) I know, BIA stands for Burned-in-address and is located o...

Hi, Group, Is there a fundamental difference in using the following encryption domains in crypto map configurations: ip access-list extended encdom-custA permit ip host host permit ip host host and ip access-...

So, been banging away at this for a while. Not sure what is going on tried lots of different things.  Issues, moving away from everything being on VLAN 1, however when I move machines into a vlan (lets say 323). The printer is left in vlan 1 for now....

Is zero touch deployment with usbflash, as described in this document, supported in the 15.4(x)M releases.I got it working with a C887VA-K9 running 15.4(1)T1 but it doesn't seem to work on a 887VAG-4G-GA-K9 running 15.4(3)M1   

Dear all,I am facing some problem, I am using a /29 netmask network. I am using one ip for my office and another one ip for research purpose. But I want to use my research purpose ip in another router, but how it is possible i don't understand. Pls h...

Howdy folks, It has been some time since iv worked with a DWDM and one question has been hunting me abit. I was wondering: i currenlty have the following topology: (Switch) >> (ASR) >> (DWDM) >> (PE). Do i need to use a special SFP between the ASR an...

Hi Guys, Im hoping for some assistance.We own a small building rented out as managed office space.  As part of this we have a 1Gb internet feed which we then distribute throughout the building.  With each customer / office having their own managed fi...

parm UK by Level 1
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Hi Guys,Can we do this? can we send multiple show commands together in the CLI? something like this#show ip int br , show cdp nei#(out put of show ip int br)#(out put of show cdp nei) 

pgamage by Level 1
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Hi,I have a 877VAM router. Everything works ok until the reload, the router comes up but it does not connect to the internet. The only way i found it works is to ssh in, shut down dialer1, remove it, create it again, and past the same exact configura...

Is there a way to insert a pause to wait for keyboard input when pasting a series of commands? For example I would like to paste this from a text file: Router(config)#Interface Gigabit0/1Router(config)#shutdown<pause and wait for a tap on the keyboar...

msauvola by Level 1
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