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Resolved! Setting BGP Local Preference

Hello All, Wonder if anyone can help? I have a WAN CE router running ebgp to a provider MPLS network PE router. The CE router is runnng iBGP to a core switch. The core switch also has point to point links to a DC( running ebgp), which has a connectio...

r.gasper by Beginner
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Resolved! Multiple IP`s on a single interface

Hi, I have a problem with connecting my router 2800 to another router 2800. Both routers only have one interface FastEthernet 0/0 available, the other one os allready taken. This part is simple I put the ips on both interfaces and the connect to each...

MataKiera by Beginner
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Policy Based Routing

Hi,I have a production network that I can't take down for maintenance. There is an ASA5505 in site A and a C800 router in site B. There is a leased line between the sites but the client also has an ADSL line which is currently being used as a backup ...

chris by Beginner
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Resolved! HELP: BGP inbound route selection

HelloI'm trying to come up with a good way to prefer inbound BGP routes on a provider MPLS network. My initial thoughts were setting up and using communities, but unfortunately this lead to some headache and wasted time. I'm looking for a simple way ...

allenelson by Beginner
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Resolved! IP SLA For EIGRP routes

Hello,I've searched high and low for an answer to this but haven't found anything specific for my situation. We have 7 remote sites and one headquarter site. All sites are connected via a primary MPLS cloud and all remote sites have a local Comcast c...

BGP routes (preffered and alternate path too)

HiWhat is Cisco command to display all the BGP routes  not only the routes in current routing table but also other available route and less preferred for a network.In my case i have configured static routes for a network ( on a router...

lmanavalan by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN route to remote subnet

I have configured a 1921 with 2 Dialer interfaces, Dialer1 (SDSL) and Dialer3 (ADSL).Default route is via Dialer3, Lan-to-lan IPSEC and remote users have to connect through Dialer1.Problem is that I have to add static route to Dialer1 for remote subn...

OER/PfR.How to synchronize?

Hi all,Please take a look at this situation:One company have two offices : central and remote.Offices  have two routers (master and backup) each.Master routers connecting offices using  VPN L3 BGP with ISP1.Backup routers connecting offices using VPN...

Full BGP table and ASR1002

Hi,I'm just after some advise on the Cisco ASR1002 and it's ability to hold a full BGP route table or even a couple of copies of it.The unit has 4Gb of memory that doesn't appear to be up gradable and a Cisco document I read advised if using the ASR1...

7204VXR support for 10GE?

We've got a 7204VXR router with an NPE-400 and a 1-port gigabit ethernet card, connecting to our upstream provider. We are looking into moving to a new provider on a 10 gigabit ethernet link, keeping the original connection as a backup.Can the 7204VX...