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Hello,I am looking for a switch solution that will connect 5 buildings together in a hub and spoke topology. We are using dark fiber to connect the buildings. I am looking for a switch that would have 2 SFP+ connections and 1 or 2 copper gig ports fo...

Wesley850 by Beginner
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Hello,We are using pppoe on demand feature on our customers CPEs to disconnect the PPPoE connection after idle timeout which is 10 minutes in our case. This need to be configured on all the CPEs one by one. I'm looking for a way to have this future o...

Hi,On an ISR G2 platform I can simply enter ip cef and be done. On the ASR100o platfrom there is no default and must determine which of these below is appropriate.Which would be the "equivalent" of what is being done on an ISR G2 platform?router(conf...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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We got an email stating one of our Cisco routers was an open NTP server.The router only needs to be able to sync its time with a internet based time server. It does not need to serve its time to anyone else. So I did the following:access-list 30 perm...

Hi Guys, Need some suggestions here..CE is running ebgp with SP MPLS PE router. I am receiving around 7k prefixesshould I run iBGP between the CE between CE and CoreSW1? or OSPF

All,How do you manage IOS updates? From that I mean, when you have a large enterprise, do you methodically do a site at a time, blast all images out at once and then schedule reloads? Do you update over the wire or do you copy the image to the site t...

I am setting up a shaper for my ISP facing interface.I went to apply max-reserved-bandwidth 100 under my interface My question is, how do I apply the same command or something that does the same thing?policy-map Shaperclass class-defaultshape average...

This is a new router to our numerus WAN locations running IPsec. When the Cisco 2921 router would not establish an IPsec connection with our other sites we fell back to a 2851 router running adventerprise IOS which worked fine.Is there a differance i...

bymc by Beginner
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Resolved! Netflow 887

We are looking at possibly using Netflow to monitor internet usage on sites.As I have never used Netflow before, does anyone have the basic config that I can use on a router like a 887 and any details on the server end, like software etc that would b...

I have two ASR 901 routers who can't seem to get  out to the internet sourcing an EVC SVI which should be the inside NAT  network. ======================================================NAT ROUTER:======================================================...

Hi we are using the profile of 10% Real time, 50/30/15/5/0 for QoS in the MPLS network, (COS1, COS2V, COS2, COS3, COS4, COS5)that means that we configure 10% for voice, 50% of remaining bandwidth for video, 30% of remaining bandwidth for critical dat...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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We have a Catalyst 3750G switch with about 10 VLANs.  Most of the VLAN's have helper IP's to a DHCP server.  We've just purchased two Cisco 2600 WAP's to include public access, and we want to connect them to their own VLAN and restrict access on some...