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Hey!I'm trying to add a NAT rule to my ISR 4321 (Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 17.03.05) for an IPSec VPN running on an ASA 5515-X, but I am receiving the following message. I'm not running IPSec on the ISR as far as I'm aware. Any ideas? isr4321(co...

joshdouch by Level 1
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Hello everyone,  Could anyone explain me, please, about the difference between Egress and Ingress PCC. While reading RFC about the PCEP protocol can't catch the real meaning of these two terminologies.  Thank you in advance!

dundient by Level 1
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Good day,I have a quick question I am peering with AWS, I have a route map to allow specific prefix in.  I am trying to add a new one: out of all of the IP's available I only need access to one IP which is I thought I c...

war by Level 1
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Hello,,,We have Cisco ISR 4461 with isr4400v2-universalk9.17.06.03a.SPA.bin ISO image, we need to implement the SSL VPN feature so we find that we need to upgrade to Cupertino-17.7.1a ISO.


I'm just starting to learn about Cisco. I have managed to get my router to connect to adsl and I can ping internet and have dhcp working. The problem is, I can't access the net from my laptop. Here's my config: Current configuration : 2659 bytes!vers...

mi0hoz by Level 1
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I am trying to get router/switch backups sent to our new cloud storage in Azure. I can't get them to connect. I have sftp debugging on and am getting the four logs below from each sftp transfer attempt I make. I am responsible for the cisco side of t...

ryders1 by Level 1
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Hi,We have Cisco 7609 Router and one 6 Mbps link which is on ethernet . When we are trerminating on Gigaethernet of 7609 router it is not coming up. While same link is showing up and working fine on other routers which is having Ethernet interface.At...

Hi everyone,  I want to upload the startup-config to real router via tftpd64 in vmware windows server.  Windows server and ESR6300 are under the same network. But ESR6300 can ping windows server only from mgmt vrf.  Through global router ESR6300 can'...

dundient by Level 1
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Hello everyone, We have a couple of Cisco routers working fine in a DMVPN multi vrf topology. We have recently installed a 3rd router, which will replace one of the previous ones and we are unable to make it work through the VRF (it works as expected...

Hi Friends, There is a router, where a user is configured with privilege level 15. But while trying to access that router with that username, router is being connected on user exec mode (Privilege level 1) rather than connecting to Privileged exec mo...

Pankaj Raj by Level 1
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Good afternoon!I'm just starting with the Networking Essentials Course and my instructor told us to download Packer Tracer and go through the three courses to learn how to work with it. I'm in the 'Getting Started Course', at the 1.1.2 Video, trying ...

VictoriaQ by Level 1
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So normally a standard interface has an MTU of 1500.When creating a sub-interface on a router (or using an SVI on switch), should the MTU be manually lowered to 1496 to account for the extra 4 bytes?Everything just seems to work without this, so I am...