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I am unable to get SMS sending to work using a EHWIC-4G-LTE in a 2900 series router.IP connectivity works fine with the cellular module and it can also receive SMS messages. Sending fails every time with the following error, both using E.164 and loca...

Hi, I have a problem with configuring and undestranding correctly the NAT. What I have in im environment: - I have a test subnet, where all test servers are stored, they have IPs from subnet - I also have production subnet (vlan 412),...

JohnyCisco by Beginner
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HiGot a Cisco 2811 router from my school, which can be used as a terminal server, but my problem is that it has been wiped, so i don't have the IOS for it and it can't be downloaded anymore, does anybody have software for this router?KR Christian Jos...

Hi Experts,Is there any way/command to see all the possible routes to the particular destination irrespective of routing protocols. For example, you have external bgp and floating static route to the destination. sh ip route will show only the best r...

Arun by Beginner
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I was wondering if anyone had information regarding archive to TFTP? I have set this up on all my Cisco routers and switches and scheduled this to happen monthly or if we write a configuration change. If we write a config change the file received by ...

pbiggs by Beginner
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Sorry I tried to find this myself before posting but wasn't able to find. Question is how do I enable IP accounting on the router? All I did was go to the interface in this case my s0/0/0 and entered ip accounting. Then just did a show ip accounti...

wgranada1 by Beginner
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Hello,On a network with 3 or 4 routers that exchange different routes/areas via EIGRP, what is the correct way to interconnect the routers ?- 1 VLAN per router ? If I have 3 routers, should I use 3 VLANs :R1-R2 [VLAN11] Subnet [VLAN1...

sebastien3 by Participant
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Resolved! iBGP vs eBGP Nexus

Need help understanding why Nexus 9000 is choosing a path. I'm looking at a route for  The ibgp route is not being selected.  They have the same number of AS hops, localpref for both is 100, and the weight for both is 0.  The AS # for ...

Hello! See more instructions for forwarding ports in the Cisco ISR4331, but I can`t do this. Please help me. I have a NAT and three hosts in my task. Me need forward some ports and range ports. You can see this in my configuration.   My config:interf...

Oleh_83 by Beginner
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Hey everyone,I hope this message finds you well. I'm currently taking a class on static routing for Cisco Packet Tracer and I'm feeling a bit lost. I'm having trouble getting PC-A to ping PC-B and I'm not sure why. Just trying to gain more insight. A...

I Try to make layer 3 Port channel in 3850-48T switch, but i found error like this : DRC-INSP-SWT-01(config-if)#inter ra g1/0/45-48DRC-INSP-SWT-01(config-if-range)#no switchportDRC-INSP-SWT-01(config-if-range)#channel-group 1 mode activeCommand rejec...

Yuslivan by Beginner
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