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Hi,A client has 2x2811 acting as Voice Gateway and backup Voice Gateway and both, after some undisclosed circumstances, are not booting.After some troubleshooting a faulty memory DIMM was detected on the primary Voice Gateway. Still, DIMM replaced, i...

pmarques by Beginner
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Hello!I've been digging through metroe best practices, but all I can find is ISP points of views on creating a metroe WAN rather than from an internal business standpoint. My company is getting a metroe circuit in two weeks so I'm labbing up a WAN in...

I have a cisco catalyst 3750 V2, i am trying to have a port to be a member of different 4 VLANS.  Is this possible? Like i want to setup a workstation with 1 NIC that can connect to VLAN 101 to VLAN 103 while isolating each VLAN from other VLANs

nats00001 by Beginner
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Hello,I read that if you use VSS you dont need to use HSRP anymore. I thought HSRP with load balancing should be similar to VSS, for example if I have a server with two nics and each nic connect to a core switch then both core are fowarding traffic a...

Hi All, I have just taken over supporting a network, and have come accross a route map, that I don't really understand. The route-map is copied below. Can anyone please tell me step by step how its processed, and what the outcome is? route-map test p...

r.gasper by Beginner
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I am building a configuration for one of our customers and i was looking for some guidance as to which way we should go. This one is a little over my head. Setup2 x 30MB links (primary/secondary)Configuration includes the following VLANSPCS – 60 user...

I have seen ip sla setup for 2 isp with 1 router. Is it possible for 2 router and 2 isp with ibgp link? Below is the example i saw for 2 isp in 1 router config, which part should i modify to work on my 2 router n 2 isp installationISP 1 = 100.100.100...

doncarei2 by Beginner
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Hello, I would like to verify the use of a traffic-shaping policy within an MQC. I was told that you need to apply a shaping policy in order for QoS to always be engaged and not simply during times of congestion. This apparently is critical when you ...

Hello everyone.I have a question regarding Fractional Fast-E and QoS. If you have a router subscribed to say a 20Mb MPLS circuit, it is advisable (even necesary) to use a FE interface for connectivity versus GE interface when you are running VoIP or ...