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Resolved! How to tell which route will be chosen by OSPF

I have an ASA that is learning a default route via two external routers.  I currently have it pointing to a specific router by way of a static route.  I want to remove the static route and let it depend on OSPF.  How can I assure that it choses one r...

Why we need iBGP-multipath

Hi. My question is do we really need iBGP Multipath? Ok, we have many iBGP routes on PE (I am not asking about eBGP), and many equal IGP paths. BGP by default selects one route to remote PE. But according to IGP we have many routes and CEF table gets...

vlans in different routers

Hello, i have a big doubti have this scenarysite 1     ....................................................................Site2pcvlan10---------switch-----router---------  ( WAN/CLOUD )------------------router----------swich------------pcvlan10pcvla...


Hi,i need to deploy otv on ASR 1004on IOS XE Release 3S.the problem is that my WAN interface must run GRE tunnel with MTU 1400.the application sending 1500 Byte - so, the GRE interface need to fragment the traffic.i understand that there is otv restr...

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Transfer rate up/down

Helloin following two scenario what is expectedif my internet bandwidth is 5MB 1:1 then what is the expected download/upload transfer_rate I should get  ; if my MPLS bandwidth is 25MB then what is the expected download / upload transfer rate i should...

OSPF + router connectivity

Hi,Just want to the check adv and dis adv of connectivity between core swicth and router. I have 2 cisco 6509 swicthes acting as core and a 3845 as my MPLS router. I am running OSPF in LAN and BGP and doing a redistribution. I have connected the rout...

Resolved! BGP Multihomed

Hello,I have two ASR 1001. Each one has one eBGP session with his own ISP                           ROUTER A  ----bgp---->  ISP AFIREWALL --->                           ROUTER B  ----bgp-----> ISP BIf my inside traffic flows through ISP A and returns...

Port channel

I have a port channel between switch 3725 and router 7200.  I test and prove that when ping from another router 1841 conect on switch to router 7200 on port-channel, ping only go on one link of por channel. But this is what is happen. If I shut down ...

Router not joining EIGRP network

I built 6 routers in a test lab, each one had a L3 /24 connection into a L2 VLAN on a test switch. 2 of the routers provide onward links into our company network/internet and the other 4 will be remote sites only with connections via the 2 main sites...