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Hi GuysHaving a hard time to figure out what is the correct order of dynamic routing. I was advised the order I chose is not correct. Since I can't find much info on this topic, I was just simply using some logic to determine the order of operations,...

lucad7846 by Beginner
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Hey guys, I have starting recap of Routing and I have been using IP default gateway command on L2 switches but while doing lab I am not sure what it benefit is? Can someone explain a bit under what scenarios this command is used.

I am making a network pictured below with 5 total subnets with the LANSwitch1 in the centre. I have been having problems pinging between subnets, in the example pictures where I ping from Router3 to Switch1 the pings seem to alternate between success...

sah1128 by Beginner
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Obviously not a production workload and very much just to see if I can make it workI have a 3560CG as my core switch which does all the intervlan routing, with a default route up to a firewall for WAN bound traffic, works fine all good.I have static ...

bakugo by Beginner
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hello, everyone.i would like to know if there is any protocol or way to send the public ip address directly to the server. my isp has allocated me a public ip with 28 mask, i want to use my router to transmit a public address from this range to the s...

Dears, I'd like to know some facts for BNG licensing on Cisco ASR 1002-X. 1. How to activate BNG license on ASR 1002? 2. How to verify active BNG license on ASR 1002? 3. What is the difference between PPPoE and VPDN? 4. Do PPPoE sessions count on BNG...

zinkolatt by Beginner
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Hello I am trying to update the IOS with file asr1002x-universalk9.16.03.10.SPA.bin.  I copied it from a usb drive to the dir flash: I am not sure on the commands to install the firmware.  I don't care for the configuration on the router, just need i...

What is the point of using area authentication when the authentication configuration on the interface overrides any area authentication that is configured? Ex. if message-digest authentication is configured for the area, but null authentication is co...

UncleJP by Beginner
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