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Been few years outside the routing /switching there any config out there that supports NO nat  between 2 IPSeC IOS  traffic goes untranslated  from one side LAn to other ...if we avoid NAT statements ...will this be enough j...

mag2suban by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I have a Juniper SSg350 workign as a Ipsec site to site VPN hub. I have multiple SSG20 and SRX110's out at remote sites which connect to the VPN and all are working well.recently I deployed two Ciscos, one 877 and one 878 and connected to the...

Hi – I have a new WAN link that I’m installing between our two Datacenters. Datacenter X and Datacenter Y. I need to load balance the traffic over both links and also so if one goes down the other will still forward traffic. I have an interesting env...

Hi Everyone,Have a customers site where there is an 881 and also a ME3400E - ME3400E currently only does L2.The customer is wanting to remove the 881, and have the ME3400E do all the L3 (And L2) functions - The ME is running metroipaccess (So can do ...

OK.. have a website which resides in I can access it from the internal network. Yet from the WAN I cannot. Now the interesting part is that the routers on the WAN connection can succesfully ping that address. The address it is trying to b...

mgarcia07 by Beginner
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Ok I have routerA routerBthen at another site routerC and RouterDAll can communicate via a network without any problem. Using tunnels to communicate back and forth. RouterC can access  address but the Router ...

mgarcia07 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,We have Juniper EX 4200 as core switch at two sites connected Cisco  2960s and Cisco 3560s (access layer switches). For even-numbered VLANs,  one Juniper switch is root bridge and for odd-numbered VLANs, other  Juniper switch is the root ...

v4meet999 by Beginner
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Hi everyone, for the last few months I've been struggling with an issue. I have spent countless hours trying to find an answer.I run a DMVPN network over the internet serving approx. 80 remote offices including a data center. Most of the offices play...

Ricky S by Participant
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Hi ,how we can check MPLS circuit are running fine or not .what are the commands to chek the configuration and if not working fine ?

Resolved! SFP+ speeds

Hi Folks ,we want to buy 150 Catalyst 2960Ss for one of our clients in campus access layer.They already have 1Gig backbone in place right now. Is it possible to buy 10gig capable 2960s switches with SPF+ modules but connect the SFP+ modules to  1 gig...

Team,Recently I participated to one of the Cisco partner briefing where they pitched iWAN design using internet as an alternate transport. With dual ISP connections, the increased SLA at reduced cost compare to MPLS. It leveraged DMVPN, WAAS, QoS, Pf...

smunzani by Beginner
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