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                   Where the future lies..!! want to learn some new technology for a change.. :-)I have been working on Data and security for years and want to learn something new and intresting.. any thought ?thanksAmar

Resolved! Tunnel Interface

                   Hi,Any one will explain brief about the following tunnel interface conf.interface Tunnel0  bandwidth 6144ip address XX.XX.XX.XX XX.XX.XX.XXip mtu 1514ip load-sharing per-packetdelay 3keepalive 3 3tunnel source XX.XX.XX.XXtunnel des...

ajf303 by Beginner
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I need to capture Netflow v9 and NSEL traffic. Ergo IOS netflow traffic, and ASA netflow traffic (NSEL). I am trying various netflow caputiring tools right now, but they are paid for offerings that do far more than what I am really looking to do. I s...

Resolved! IP SLA fine tuning

Hello AllI have two routers connected using two links on different service providers and they act as a back up to one another. I have IP SLA running to between them to failover. I would however want the failover to NOT being instantaneous and would l...

we have A wireless link (pre-wimax) that provide me with 2 Mb internet connection (tagged Ethernet frames) and we have 6 real IP what i need now is what is the best and cheapest device to do NAT and DHCP to allow users to access the internet , i am t...

Hello,We install a stack of C3750x switches rescently. A HP C7000 blade server uplink to C3750x using etherchannel and 802.1Q.If the trunk includes a RSPAN vlan on it by 802.1q default configuration, the VM on HP blade cannot ping the same vlan serve...

eshih by Beginner
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I have a client that currently has two 100 meg connections to the Internet from the same provider.  They are going to upgrade one to a 500 meg connection soon and it will be from a different provider.  Their edge routers are connected to the provide...

deyster94 by Contributor
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Hi,I am not a network expert, but I can find my way around to setup a SOHO network. I have a SG200-26P and a ISA 570W for our office, which I will be setting up shortly.The question is; Both the switch and the router have a lot of features, some of w...

Taylan013 by Beginner
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Is it possible to use the mgmt port when in rommon mode? I use the Mgmt port when IOS is loaded and it works fine. I reboot the router, issue a break to put it in rommon and have set some variables but my Mgmt port never has link and I cannot ping it...

Dears guys,I'm currently having some problem while trying to correctly setup my Cisco887VA modem.First of all I usually use netfilter with all NAT, etc ... features, but I'm quite a noob in cisco and I want to learn more.The problem is that I want to...