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Local Log Issue on Cisco 6509

I am trying to determine a problem with flapping interface on a router  not showing up in log buffer if Cisco IOS. I've included the config on  the switch that pertains to the logging and can't seem to figure what is  going on. The SNMP trap is being...

Router in front of Firewall necessary?

I have a customer who will subscribe to a DSL link from the telecom provider. They will put their modem and a an ethernet copper link will be given to the customer.I have 2 firewalls proposed for redundancy for 2 internet connections.Do i need a rout...

HumanTorch by Contributor
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PPP multilink LFI/CRTP

Hello everybody,Could anybody be so kind to say,1) Is it normal when in PPP multilink (consisting of two unequal 1024K and 512K serial interface with mpls enabled) when I manualy shutdown one of the interface in a bundle the data transfer is stoped f...

Resolved! IP SLA active/active scenario

Is it possible, to have two static default routes on a router, one going to ISP1, another to ISP2. This should setup by default,per-destination load balancing, although return traffic will be based upon source-ip of the packet obviously. Would it be ...

Resolved! Traffic shaping and Layer 2 overhead

I have been puzzled by this for sometime and have been trying to get to the bottom of it.I have 2 routers connected via a 10Mb FD Ethernet link and on router 1 I am traffic shaping outbound on this link with the following config: Policy Map SHAPE ...

stretchlad by Beginner
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Cisco 1751 router stuck in rommon

I do not have a cross over cable and have to use xmodem. I set the baud rate to 115200 and I can see everything fine. Using Tera Term when you send the file via xmodem it freezes and closes on packet #3 or about 384 bits. When simply clicking the sen...

AgentTyler by Beginner
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problem with 2801

Hi,j have a problem with cisco route 2801 ,router simply blocking traffic , I can access via telnet (from outside address) but can't not ping interfeces or address in LAN .when I restart it works a few days. some of outputs:FastEthernet0/0 is up, lin...

acazarkov by Beginner
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AIM-ATM card install

   After installing the card, I configured :controller T1 10/3/0mode atm aim 1framing esfclock source internallinecode b8zBut show controllers indicated it was down as follow.  did that mean the card is faulty? or maybe a circuit problem? Anything I ...

Resolved! ip sla icmp set df bit

I want to set a mechanism to control reachbility between two nodes using ip sla ,but I can't find  any way setting df bit for ip sla icmp packets , Is there any ideas to do that ? Best regards.

Link Balancer?

I do not know the correct topic, i am sorry for thisIs there a link balancer product available at cisco like Barracuda Link Balancer 430? Thanks,Regards.