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hi for all my senaro dsl with static ip router ------------- asa5540---------- tmg 2010----------- switch -----hostsi make nat on cico router from ip static nat x.x.x.x confgure asa int g0/0 ip make n...

Hi,I use the cisco 871 router as a firewall to my home-office. I have configured two vlans for each seperate port. That is, FE0 configured as VLAN 10  ----> connected to Layer 2 Switch            FE1 configured as VLAN 20 ----> connected to another ...

md_ali_525 by Beginner
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Resolved! SRST license

We have some new 2900 series routers.  We ordered the  -VSEC part number for the router, but then separately ordered the SRST license.So as part of the router bundle we should receive a CUBE license, and then separately we should receive an envelope ...

Hello,I have a few remote sites that we would like to optimize VOIP traffic in each one.  The sites are connected via MPLS network and are configured so:  MPLS > Cisco 2911 router > Cisco 3750 stack. We have QOS enabled and applied to the WAN interfa...

Hi,My requirment is Clients from site A should access the Internet from site  B (B will be providing internet to site A), So I have configured Ipsec vpn tunnel beetween two routers (from site A to  site B) over untrusted internet connection by cisco ...

tanmoy665 by Beginner
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Hi Guys, I am a bit confused over this one, maybe one of you can help me. I have a Cisco 1841, which I use for my home router using the WIC-1ADSL card this worked fine. My line has now been updated to a 21CN line, so I have access to a ADSL2+ connect...

andy.dodd by Beginner
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hi,we have 2 offices connected , over leased lines with bendwidth 40 MBPS . We use IPsec. But we have congestion traffic.I have two types of traffic , data and video . Can I share bandwidth on router interface, 80% for video and 20% data?

acazarkov by Beginner
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