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Cisco 857 + ADSL Please help

Hi,I've purchased a Cisco 857 router for a client as they wanted a more reliable modem. I've been playing with the 857 for a few days now and im frustrated to the point where I wish I hadn't chosen Cisco.My company isnt a Cisco partner nor do I have ...

dan by Beginner
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Resolved! 1941 router - VTI

Hi,I'm in process of purchasing a new Cisco routers for our branches that will be used primary to enable IPSec virtual tunnel interfce with "tunnel mode ipsec ipv4".my question is:- does the default IOS IP Base supports this feature? or i need to pur...

a.hajhamad by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Rommon

Hello Community,I just purchased a used ASA 5510. When I started it,  it boots into Rommon.What should I do?Rebooting....Booting system, please wait...CISCO SYSTEMSEmbedded BIOS Version 1.0(11)2 01/25/06 13:21:26.17Low Memory: 631 KBHigh Memory: 256 ...

imanco671 by Beginner
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BGP aggregate

Hi,    I have the following info on my router R2.R1------R2R2#show ip bgpBGP table version is 14, local router ID is codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal,              r RIB-failure, S StaleOrigin cod...


Hey guys,I'm just watching the OSPF configuration part 1 video from the INE website (this is for the CCNA) and the set up they have is the below topology:So they have a sub-interface set up on R1 but now I've put OSPf on all of the routers the only n...

Question on WLC Auth

For Mgmt, I have set up Cisco WLC 5500 for local and TACACS Authentication (No radius). I see an option to configure the order of authentication. This makes both my TACACS and local account to work.Like Cisco IOS for routers and switch is there an op...

ASR IOS Degrade

Hi All,I want to degrade ASR IOS from asr1000rp2-advipservicesk9.03.04.02.S.151-3.S2.bin to asr1000rp2-advipservicesk9. a non production router.While I am doing ISSU steps I am getting below error.--- Starting image verificati...

ASR-1002 Base config

I am working up a configuration template for an install I am doing in a couple weeks and wanted to take a look at the base config of an ASR1002.  Does anyone have one they could share?  Also, any IOS images recommended?                  

BGP routes & IP SLA

I have multiple sites each with 2 MPLS connections and all using BGP to learn routes from the VPN - is it possible to use IP SLA to restrict routes advertised from MPLS CE to internal routers based on IP SLA data such as jitter, error rates etc?     ...

hmdavies by Beginner
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Resolved! On ISDN calls

Hello everyone,I work for a company that uses a leased line for each country and ISDN links as backup. I'm facing a problem which is the ISDN call.Lets say that traffic is going through the main leased line and for some reason, the traffic was shifte...

history of Access control?

          hi i was wondering when Access control list were created? i have tried looking online without any success. i have tried looking up acl history but that a command used in creating acl. i have tried using different search terms but cant seem ...

tbeersma69 by Beginner
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