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ip local-proxy-arp

hye all,Can anybody tell me the difference b/w the commands ip proxy-arp and ip local-proxy-arp.I've complete understanding of Proxy Arp but the thing i can't understand is why both these commands are there.

riz_432 by Beginner
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Resolved! Eigrp metric

Hello everyone, I start by saying all the formula for calculating the eigrp metric is clear except for one data. A simplified formula is 256 x [(10 ^ 7 / Least Bandwidth) + cumulative-delay]. I have not found anyone who explained it the only site I f...

Practice Exam

Hey guys, I'm trying to ping PC1 to PC3 but I'm not able to.I used router rip version 2 command in all three routers, entered all IP addresses including ipv6 and ipv6 unicast-routing command. Here's the .pkt fileThank you in advance for your help.  h...

etorres by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF on Firepower Cluster with FTD 6.2.3

Hello,   does anyone have experience with OSPF on a FTD cluster?   I have two FP 4120 running FXOS 2.3(1.99) and FTD on top. The FTDs are configured as a cluster and I am using Firepower Management Center to configure it.   The FTD cluster s...

hm7 by Beginner
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Resolved! Load Balancing and Failover for ISP links

Dear All,Please find my requirement in the two figures below Figure 1Figure 2Brief Synopsis  In Figure AI have a Router and two ISP links connected to it. The other end of the Router is connected to the LAN via the Switch In Figure BI have two Router...

Dia1.jpg Dia2.jpg
techjoe.2 by Beginner
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Internet Stops randomly for users ISR4331 PPPOE

After random time (1-2 Days) internet access stops for Lan users. After doing shut - no shut for dialer 1 interface it starts working normally. Can anybody please help Below are the PPPOE configurationinterface GigabitEthernet0/0/0 description Etisal...

prash723 by Beginner
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BGP: Error initializing topology

Hi all, I wonder if someone knows why I get the error:MCAST-RR(config-router)#address-family l2vpn evpn% BGP: Error initializing topologywhen I try to configure address-family l2vpn evpn in the BGP process. The router has hardly any config and I foun...


Hello folks, I need to configure bgp-evpn over mpls between 2 PEs. Actually, it is hub and spoke topology with 2 hubs. At the spoke side the client is attached to vlan(Ethernet Segment). Under interface vlan I am using the following commands:no ip ad...

Resolved! Mail use the wrong ip

In my Cisco Firepower, I have set a NAT rule inside->outside that use my internal and external ip of my internal mail system. That work fine, I receive mail, and I can connect to it from outside our office, but when I send a mail, it seem to use the ...

Resolved! Why BGP need IGP?

Hi Guys, just wanted to know why BGP need IGP like ospf , eigrp etc. ? also, if BGP already have a lot of attributes in selecting best path, why is it that i still see (IGP like) ospf cost or isis cost used together with BGP? (see attached picture fo...

ricaela by Beginner
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