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Resolved! eBGP routes and rib-failure

Hello,I have a question regarding eBGP routes and rib-failure. I have two CE routers that I manage. They are peering with two PE routers. OSPF and iBGP is running between the two CE routers. BGP is being redistributed into OSPF as well on the CEs. I ...

Need to upload IOS in 7206 Router

Hi Expert,I need to upload IOS c7200-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T16.binin 7206 NPE 400 router , As per cisco recommendation router should have DRAM : 256 MB ; Flash : 64I think my router contain only DRAM= 128 MB but not sure.I am pasting output of my...

Slow/unusable ADSL2+ on Cisco 877W

Hi all,I just bought myself a Cisco 877W in hope that I could touch up on my IOS skills. The configuration went well, however I have found that after configuring the Dot11Radio0 interface, the ADSL2+ has slowed down dramatically. I am still syncing a...

jameswh87 by Beginner
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Authorization Isssue in Cisco 6405 L3 Switch

HI , I have configured the TACACS in my network and I have configured the aaa authorization commands 15 default if-authenticated group tacacs+ in Cisco 6504 Switch. Its allowing me to Login by Unable to run the Sh run commands ,i am getting Aithoriza...

Resolved! bridge-domain on ASR1002

Hello all,We have an ASR1002 with asr1000rp1-adventerprisek9.03.05.01.S.152-1.S1.binsoftware.I couldn't find any documentation on how to attach an L2 interface, in my case a subinterface with a single dot1q vlan, to a BDI interface.I'm able to create...

Resolved! spanning tree port-priority

Hi,Running mst, and spanning-tree vlan n port-priority 16 has no affect on downstream switch?(Downstream switch is running pvst)Dual connections from 2960S (root) -> 3560.want to manipulate which port is used.With "spanning-tree vlan 228 port-priorit...

2911 PBR issue

Afternoon,I have been playing around in a lab with PBR and I can't seem to get it to work the way I *think* I have configured it to.Basic background;2 routers, 'SITE' and 'CARRIER' (both 2911s).SITE has two ethernet interfaces, (DATA) and 2.2...

Resolved! NAT - port redirection?

Not sure if the title is appropriate or if im in correct forum but, im looking for insight on this, TIA:To translate an outside port to a differnt inside port.  i was told by someone thats not possible but the thing is that a lot of cheapo broadband ...

MATTH1187 by Beginner
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invalid CEF entries

I have a cisco 6500 connected to a cisco 7200 (c7200-is-mz.124-10.bin) via fast Ethernet. The 7200 terminates RBE and PPPOE DSLs with CEF enabled system wide. This configuration has been working fine for months and all of the sudden with no change to...

ATM card in a 3925 router

I need to install an ATM module  in a 3925 router. I would like to know if this card is that I have to buy with the transceiver(SFP)?Will use a fiber cable LC LC singlemode fiber optic.Module: NM-1A-OC3-POM Transceiver :SFP-OC3-IR1

Resolved! Dual MPLS problem...

hi guys..In my company to connect between main office to branch office we are using one service provider for primary MPLS link and another service provider for Fall back MPLS link..I have provided a high and low prirority routes between the two MPLS ...

PBR match issue

HI,I am trying to get PBR to work and be scalable.  I have this situation (example):I want to policy route packets with a source of /24 and a destination of /24 to I can do this:ip access-list 199 permit ip 192.168....

michaelbl by Beginner
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