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GLBP on interface used for SIP signaling

We have a 3945 router being used as a VXML gateway as well as for CUBE. Our signaling address for SIP back to Paetec is We aquired a new 3945 and thought we could use it for load balancing in conjunction with our current 3945 by using GLB...

Resolved! policy route to redirect traffic

HiTrying to redirect one subnet ( to go different route, could any one advice me if it is possible? if so, please advice how to do it?My router has two pathes for default ( one go, this one is active one, (curre...

julxu by Beginner
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Resolved! Med attribute bgp

Hi everybody.Please consider the following example:     AS1                                 AS2R1-- the above fig, R1 and R2 are in AS 1 and R3 is in AS2.R1 is advertising its loopback address

sarahr202 by Contributor
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ACL Configs

Hello,I am trying to test and setup some ACL's on a switch, the current setup is:Core Switch - HP ProCurve 2610-24-PWREdge Switch - HP ProCurve 2510-24VLANS 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30I want to deny access to VLAN 5 from VLAN 20 which is are client VLAN.So...

load balance

Hi   I have a cisco 2801 router and I want to connect two ADSL links on it  and balance the load but not that kind of IOS that team would need or if  I would be useful?ThanksMarisol

best wan failover topology

Hi allIm looking at designing a wan network, I will have on each site a primary line and a backup line from one provider, then I want to include a third internet connection that backs up them 2 lines but this will be from a different provider.How wou...

router code version and sla

I've been attempting to configure dual isp failover.I got it to work in a dynamips environment using 7200 series 12.4 code.I adjusted the config file to suit the interfaces on th 1841  and reloaded the router with this config.I received errors on the...

Resolved! ip subnet-zero Cisco 3945

I am trying to configure a Cisco 3945. When enter the command:ip subnet-zeroand the do a sh runThe running config does not show that subnet-zero is active. I even triedsh run | inc subnetand still see nothing. Why is the command not taking? I just wa...

TheZman78 by Beginner
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Resolved! QoS - packets arriving on the interface

Hi,In have a cisco 2801 router, fast 0/0 - internal network and fast 0/1 - internetI have packets coming into fast 0/0 with dscp values ef, cs3, cs5, etc ... going the the internet thru fast 0/1. I only have basic configuration on fast 0/1 - no servi...

Does this design sound right?

I am implementing a new edge architecture and in my lab everything seems to work right with the exception of the iBGP connection. A quick diagram is below:PE-ISP-A    PE-ISP-B    |                     |  CE-A -------- CE-B    |                    |  ...

chipsch21 by Beginner
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Cisco 888 SHDSL routers back to back

Hi Guys,I'm having some trouble getting two Cisco 888's to work correctly back to back.. The two routers will ultimately be used in conjunction with a BT EPS8 circuit which is effectively four wires short distance between customer sites. We have conf...

Resolved! cant configure serial int on 2911/K9

Hi folks.  Were bringing up a new site shortly and I'm trying to configure Serial0/0/0 which will be connected to an MPLS over 1.5m T1 line.  I am basically doing a simular configuration as other sites where one of the ethernet interfaces is handed o...