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Hi,I need to change the source IP of a packet for one of my NAT'sI currently have an Cisco 1812.I have an PPPoE connection as Dialer 0.I have another VLAN that is connected to an Netscreen SSG5 VPN gateway via another Cisco switch.I have a vlan trunk...

Hi,I'm looking for the logic behind using multiple subinterfaces on a bundled interface.Config example:interface Bundle1 no ip address cable arp filter request-send 3 2 cable arp filter reply-accept 3 2 no cable arp!interface Bundle1.1 ip address 12....

I have a Cisco 871 router at one of my client sites.    (they purchased the router from me and I sent them the router with a basic configuration on it).  When they connect it after hours clients get the proper IP addresses and dhcp configuration howe...

Resolved! DNP 3.0

I have a client that wants to transmit information generated in his equipments through a Cisco Router, he wants to connect the devices to a async/serial port in the router and then transmit the information over frame relay, is this possible, is DNP 3...

We have a problem to in install Internat via VRF . I have a problen in the nat and real ip address will be put as loopback or secondary address.We tried the both .THe real ip address is pingable from the internet .The proble our lan can not go outsid...

Hi all,  I am starting out my IPv6 knowledge as my ISP has started provding IPv6 services over 6RD.I have a router which does my DSL and internet facing NAT, then behind it I have an additional router without DSL that I do all my other stuff on like ...

HiIn new our project we had installed IBM blade center we have to add 2 catalyst 3110 switches to blade our plan we should change vlan of port management of any switches.By default fastethernet0 assigned to management port.unfortuna...

N.ima0102 by Level 1
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HiIn our project, we had to configure PAGP between catalyst cisco 3110.there is no problem in configuration of PAGP and everythin is ok,and channel is up.but after reload cisco, chanel can not be up and between switches all packet are in loop between...

N.ima0102 by Level 1
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Hi,I am using 6 routers in gns3 and there is a problem in route advertisements.R2 is in AS 200, R3,R4,R5 are in AS 100 and R6 is in AS 300, R2-> R3 eBGPR3,R4,R5 are in same AS, iBPG(using Route reflector instead of fullmesh iBGP)R5-> R6 eBGP.R3 to R4...

Hi,What is the difference between below two commands, I am interested to know only bold authorization exec default group radius none aaa authorization network default group radius none RegardsSiva Kondala Rao

Hi Gurus,I have a question regarding the use of distribute list out to only advertise deafult route to certain eigrp neighbor.Current Scenario: i have 3 routers sitting in a same vlan1 on the switch running eigrp. Name them A, B & C. I need to advert...

smart5 by Level 1
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Hi Expertsthe below are used IPV4 in private network , what is the equivalent in IPV6 how to configure it as IPV610.0.0.0/810.0.0.0/1610.0.0.0/24172.16.0.0/16192.168.0.0/24thanksJamil