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881 Interface ports

Hi Does anyone know how many of the 881 switch interface ports can be used as router ports, have used the 877 etc where i can use 2 but need a low cost router that supports 3 for routing. (needs to be physical ports)Thanks

Resolved! Port Mapping Trouble

HiI'm installing my second cisco router in my home network, I will use it for remote access.The problem comes with port mapping, I've been HOURS testing with no success, everything works, but the router doesn't forward the data. Only the 5900 port wo...

Resolved! Router Redundancy Questions

Looking for a recommendation.  Question about load balancing between point to point WAN links.  I'm currently looking for a solution to provide more network redundancy over my two point to point DS3 linesthat connect my remote site.  I have 2 Cisco 3...

Jkloza_2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Basic question about Ping over WAN

Hi All ,I am sorry to put my basic question in this topic but i am expecting to have clear idea and understanding about this and i am sure that I will be getting answer from this forum only.I have data centre located in US and we have remote support ...

Resolved! Datacenter to branch GRE Tunnel and VRF

HiWe have the requirement to setup a public wifi access point for customers. To setup the public wifi network and ensure it is completely separated form our corporate network we have chosen to use a VRF at both the data center side and branch office ...

WAN link on 800 series router switch port

Can we terminate 2 WAN link first Lease line and second Broadband internet link on 800 series router . As 800 series router have only 1 wan port and 4 switch port.  Also we want to Configure load balancing over the 2 WAN link please suggest is it pos...

can anyone help pls ?

Hii am new hereI have stucked  the eigrp 100 dosnt work on my topology R1 to R2 okR2 to R1 okR3 to R1 okeverything between the routers okthe problem is PC1 and PC2 can not connect to R1 and R2i can see the route to pc1 and pc2 on the R3 but why dont ...

ariagha80 by Beginner
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Resolved! Policy based routing using tunnel interface

Hi,I would like to ask your opinion and suggestion regarding my network lab scenario. Basically I have multiple ISPs attached to a LAYER 2 SWITCH, these are 2 DSLs and 2 E1s premium Internet lines and also I am running OSPF on the network. I have att...

Resolved! LAN WAN Bandwidth etc

I have a query with the folliwng 2 scenarios.1) Local LAN<----gbps ports----->ROUTER-------WAN link 10 mbps ----------->Remote LAN-gbps ports.2) Local LAN<----gbps ports----->ROUTER-------WAN link 100 mbps --------->Remote LAN-gbps ports.In either sc...

avilt by Participant
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Resolved! Unable to login at Cisco 6509 switch

We are unable to login at Cisco 6509 switch, due to username and password not working. We have tried to recover the password as per Cisco document, but that is also not working. This switch is our Primary Switch in our network.Please suggest what to ...