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Hi there,I encounter 1 problem. Customer need to set the bandwidth for business class to have a 512k of speed and i already set it with "bandwidth" conmand.What if they want it to ensure if the bandwidth exceeded 512k it will remark it to have IPP=0H...

Hello,I have small topology like this :                    /--(Ge0/0.10)-- ISP 1(Ge0/1) Router A ---                    \--(Ge0/0.20)-- ISP 2 I want to redundant router A with another router. A current pratice is to use HSRP vith an iBGP session like...

jquintard by Beginner
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Hi, I`m attempting to set up a multicast in ouer network.The multicast is provided by a IPTV provider.Uplink from service provider is located at site A.My RP is set up at site B.From site A to B I have set up a VLAN (VLAN 400) to link the IPTV provid...

perpaal by Beginner
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I am currently working on a 1941w router. The problem that I am having is that I am unable to ping the switch that is directly connected to it and I am unable to ping from the switch to the router. If I take the address off of vlan 1 and move it to g...

Hi everyone,I'm having a problem with various Cisco ADSL modems and one specific ISP. The ISP is changing their ATM network to Ethernet and ever since the Cisco routers regularly lose their connection. Only resetting the modem brings the line back. A...

May I ask the commandchat-script <script name> "" "ATDT*98*<profile number>#" TIMEOUT <timeout value> CONNECTWhat is the defference between ATDT*98* and ATDT*99*and profile settingcellular 0 gsm profile create 4 APN.telstra pap johnpassw...

Hi!!I have checked on and as per a module support document for ISR's G2, the NM-1CE1TI-PRI module is not supported on new ISR's.Grateful if more clarification could be obtained about the above.Will be router not detect the module when inser...

net buzz by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I thought i would post this here also as i always get replies and answers here!!I came in this morning to find 2 of my switches were not fully working, i could not http or telnet to them.When I tried to telnet to one of them i got:Sorry, erro...

HiI have a cisco 877 router setup with 2 vlan's and 2 dialers, each vlan routed to a dialer. I have some ports forwarded to my vlan 1 incl vpn traffic. I need to get vlan 2 to be able to vpn to vlan 1, and see some of the servers on vlan 1 which are ...

metalice7 by Beginner
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Hi All, I have 2 issues.1. Uplink connection between  WS-C3560E-48TD-E and WS-C2960S-48TD-L, i have the twinGig convertor  module, just need compatible SFP modules for that twinGig and 2960S 10G  and patch cores for that?!2. I have 15 km long fiber o...

Tulga Bat by Beginner
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Nexus 7000 question. Normally when a command is hidden it indicates  deprecation in the next rev of code. That being the case what will be  the alternative command for "max-metric router-lsa include-stub  summary-lsa"? I don't like having to cost off...

jleblanc by Beginner
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