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Hello,Is it possible to encrypt GRE tunnels on the Nexus 9K platform?I can't seem to find any instructions within the 9K documentation.I'm looking to create a tunnel between three 9Ks and advertise routes between these labs over that tunnel - however...

vxlannnn by Level 1
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We have BGP multi-home with three ISPs and two routers, and I'm looking for validation on influencing outbound traffic.Router01 peers with ISP01, and ISP01 provides us with a /24 IP block (eg. peers with ISP02, and ISP02 provides...

sdiver by Level 1
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 Router Crashed twice and rebooted in the last 24 hour. Last reload reason: Critical software exception, check bootflash:crashinfo_RP_00_00_20221103 ISR4321/K9 device which rebooted due to "Software Exception error". is there any related to some kind...

    Hi, AllWe have  ASR 1001  (with image asr1001-universalk9_npe.03.07.01.S.152-4.S1.bin)While trying to configure NAT on it enforced the following problem:Address  translation is working OK, except one thing: dns resolving from inside to outside in...

Avilkov by Level 1
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Hello guys I am having a problem right now,Right now I am trying to configure a DMVPN between 3 devices in GNS3. The DMVPN works(they can all ping each other) but the EIGRP packets don't get redirected.RA - Configuration------------------------------...

Hi,  Can someone explain me how does the command  distance 200 DEFAULT under a BGP process executes.   On this router default route is learnt through ospf . is BGP neighbor ip address DEFAULT is standard access-list with per...

Is it possible to enable LAG via two separate routed links such as MPLS and RADIUS via LTE ISR?I have a site that currently has connectivity via the clients network that routes us back to our ISP MPLS router via a 5505 ASA connecting to their PA220 F...

tadkov by Level 1
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Folks:I want to use a router at eve-ng as a server to test each port status and its reachability in the router in a lan environment. Do you think if this is possible? Thanks 

Hello!I have been working on a school project and we were requested to configure a network that uses DHCP to serve IPv6 directions with a router. The problem is that when I configure the interface, I set an IPv6 default gateway, but when I go to the ...

Rhodo by Level 1
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Help sought in route map processing. Please consider the scenario below :   R1 -------R2  , eBGP peering Route on R1 BGP routing table entry for, version 3Paths: (1 available, best #1, table default)Not advertised to any peerRefresh E...

Hello. I am trying to set up al lab with route reflector and vrf-s. I have managed to set up the route reflectors and clients. All looks fine. Routes are being propagated.  The issue is that from DMZ router, using the interface assigned to vrf 14000_...

aw75635 by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I am a beginner in the subject of VRFs, so please be understanding.Here are my tasks to do:- possibility of connecting many of the same subnets to one router- ensuring communication between them through NAT- ensuring mu...

TomAL by Level 1
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